Shocked by my own reaction

I will try and get straight to the point.

I'm 34 years old and mt beautiful wife Michelle is 28 years old. We got married almost 2 years ago, and have no children.

Michelle recently confessed to having s** with another man. When she started her confession, at first I could'nt believe it, I felt numb, not angry just numb. She kept saying how sorry she was, and could I forgive her. I stayed very calm, and listened to her, telling me how "it just happened", and how sorry she was. My mind was go crazy, trying to understand what she had just told me. I asked Michelle who the other man was, at first she would not tell me. But I explained if she wanted my forgiveness, she must be 100% open with me. I was expecting her to say it was someone from work or a guy from a night out. Oh now, her answer almost knocked me over. Not some young guy, but my Dads friend Stan. This is the man I used to call Uncle Stan,the one who taught me how to drive, and used to take me motor racing at weekends. Stan was a bit of a hero to me (ex-Royal Marine), a real man, loved cars, big and strong, had a reputation for being a Ladies man, but also one of the nicest men you could ever meet. I was out for the day with my friends, and Michelle had gone to use her car, only to find the battery was flat. She phoned me asking for help,so I phoned Stan at home, and asked if he would go to my house and help Michelle. He did just that, putting the battery on charge. Rather than have him go home and return later to fit the battery in the car, my darling wife invited him to stay. Despite being 64 years old, Stan managed to seduce Michelle, and took her upstairs and f***** her on my bed.
Hearing this coming from Michelle was very shocking, but the picture forming in my mind of the two of them f****** was proving to be a huge turm on. Before long we were both having the most fantastic s**, I wanted to know every detail about her and Stan, and Michelle was enjoying seeing me like this. So much so, she's still f****** Stan, but with my blessing.

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  • Since Stan is such a hero to you, maybe you should start sucking his d*** as well? Be sure to write and let us know how "turned on" you feel after your wife tells you that she is divorcing you and marrying Stan. After all, he's a "real man". What does she need with you?

  • She is happy, you are happy. It's great. Keep going.

  • We will, Thanks for the comment Marcell.

  • What makes her keep f****** her? Has he a big c*** or does he just f*** better than you?
    Let me know I might want to try him as well because older men f*** longer and harder.

  • Despite his age, he is more physical. Does he have a big c*** ? From what I have been told (from Michelle) we are about the same size. Does he f*** better than me? Yes, I believe he does "F***" better, better lover, possibly not.

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