Sin of my past

I have been dealing with a sin of my past, I had an affair over 25 years ago on my wife. I contracted an std , I got treated but I didn't tell my wife. Every since I have been notice myself look like I'm losing weight, but every doctor I go to check my lab work and can find nothing. I also have aged a great deal, my twin brother look The std was gonnephea , no HIV nothing like that. I also seem like my wife losing weight , but she get check also, and nothing. I tell my doctors I want to find out if something wrong with me so she can get help, and tell doctor maybe I should confess her what happen. I'm so depress and sad what happen, but am confused.

Jun 2, 2014

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  • If you decide to confess to her you have to realize that she may respond to the news as if it was something you did just yesterday. It may be 25 years ago for you but the news would be new to her. Prepare yourself for her reaction. The consequence of your choice may still haunt you. I would respect you for choosing integrity after an embarrassing choice. You may want to go to marriage counseling.

  • The weight loss is coming from two things: (1) worrying over something that doesn't exist anywhere in your body except between your ears; and (2) guilt over the infidelity 25 years ago. Ease up on yourself, and stop dwelling on the past. Doctors and lab techs know what they're doing, and their results are reliable. If you've been checked repeatedly (i.e., blood work), you're clean. And if you haven't cheated in 25 years, so is your wife.

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