Dads e-mails

My Dad lives alone after my Mum died 4 years ago, and is living about 180 miles from me and my wife. My Sister lives in Germany, so last year we decided to bring him in to the 21st Century, and got him is 1st pc (lap top).He had a few lessons at a local community centre, and now he's on facebook or sending e-mails all the time. A couple of months back, he made a comment about a photo of Jane (my wife) wearing a bikini, nothing rude, but a little cheeky. We both laughed about it, and that was that. Until, Jane recieved an e-mail from my Dad, asking if she had anymore photos she would share with him. Jane told me about the e-mail, and we decided to play along for a laugh. So 2 more photos were sent from the same holiday. But both photos showed Jane full clothed.Dad replied, and thanked her, but said he liked her in the bikini more, and could he have more like that. We played along by sending a photo of Jane laying on the beach, in her bikini.
What happend next was a shock to Jane and myself. My dear old Dad requested a more sexy photo of Jane if that was possible. She e-mailed him asking why he wanted a more sexy photo, and reminded him that she was married to his son. This did nothing to calm him down, he just promised to keep it a secret. Having no idea I was reading the e-mails with Jane. I was ready for ending this, but Jane said we should play along. So she sent a reply, saying show me yours, and I will show you mine, and attached a big smiley face. Then no e-mails from Dad for three days, it seemed Jane had played his bluff. Then four days later, Jane got a reply e-mail, my Dad said he was sorry for the delay in getting back, but would take Jane up on her offer if she was still up for some fun. We went along with this, with Jane reminding him, that he had to send a photo first. She added, don't be shy, it's our secret.
Sunday morning i'm in bed, Jane goes down stairs to make a couple of coffees. 5 minutes later she's back with her laptop and coffees. Jane opens her e-mails, and there waiting for her, is a e-mail from my Dad. I ask, what's he saying now, but Jane is blushing, her mouth open, i lean over and take a look. My Dad's sent a photo of him self, on the bed naked with a full erection. My first reply was to show surprise at the size of him. I noticed Janes nipples were getting harder, then she said he wants one of me now. Jane was really turned on by what she was looking at. So much so, she climbed on me, and we began f******. Thanks Dad I owe you one.

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  • I had a couple come to me years ago. The wife was very sexually repressed, feeling nearly every sexual act was dirty and felt enormous shame when she enjoyed herself.
    She worked with a sexual surrogate connected with my practice and finally at the insistence of both herself and her husband with me. This is really outside the boundaries of ethics, but it both fit and worked.
    Her parents were dead, and her mother-in-law died at a critical point in the therapy. She was exploring her sexual submission to older men. Her husband was discovering how excited he was hearing about her therapy in graphic detail.
    Within six months, she decided she needed a father figure and her father-in-law who was floundering, was given the job of alpha father. She started sunbathing by his pool, nude, and progressed to taking care of him and his friends.
    Good luck with your father. It is something special to be able to give a gift to the man who raised you, to see him stroke and caress a young body, especially one you know as intimately as your wife.

  • Hi, it's been a while since I last posted.
    Just wanted you all to know, Jane spent last weekend with my Dad in a hotel in York, with my blessing. By all accounts, Jane and my Dad got on really well. It seems despite his age, he had no problem in giving my wife the pleasure she was seeking.

  • Stop playing your dad it's not healthy for family to do that plus little naughty games can lead to little naught 'real' secrets

  • You could be right. I can't see how the family would get hurt, outside of me, jane and Dad.

    The situation's changed in the last week or two. Jane openly adnits to me, that she loves the idea of having s** with him. 2 nights ago, she phoned him, and talked about how she would love to get in bed with him. She went in to a lot of detail...despite me being only feet away from her at the time.
    I felt angry listening, not so much with Jane or my Dad, more with myself. I had and even 2 days later have very mixed emotions.

  • I would be careful if I were you. Jane obviously likes the idea of that big c***. She just may take him up on his offer without letting you know. "It's our secret".

  • Hi Pots,
    Jane, makes no secret about being "impressed" by his photos. And, yes, she's getting a kick out of his openness, and to the fact that he desires her.
    We (Jane and myself) see it just as a bit of fun and teasing.

  • Mmmmmmm, i think at least one of you want more from this.
    I wish my husband was more open minded like you. At first i thought the idea of your father being involved in this was a little strange to say the least. But after thinking about it, is it that strange? After all, how many men would like to have a Mother and Daughter at the same time ? My own father in law is not one bit sexy, so the idea of having s** with him is not going to happen. Now, my husbands nephew....mmmmmm 19 and very sexy. Please keep those emails going.

  • So true about the mother and daughter thing, but thats men for you. Ask any man if he wants a threesome with 2 girls, and just look at hie reaction, or should that be erection.
    Men just worry about being out performed by the other man, this lady, should get it on, and enjoy both of them, in a threesome or one-on-one. To the husband, get real, your wife wants him, or there is know way she would be doing this. It's commom for a man to imagine his GF or wife with other men, you should admit one thing. You are turned on by this flirting.

  • A quick update.
    The e-mails are still coming in from my Dad, and Jane is playing along with him.
    There's me thinking my Dad is a shy Gentleman, passed is days of chasing women. How wrong could I be, the randy old b*****, even offered his services (?) to Jane in a e-mail on Saturday. Jane replied by saying the grass needs cutting, but she did'nt want him over doing it at his age, and he would be better reading a book . (He's 62, me 34 and Jane 29).
    She's still waiting for his reply, that may take a while, now Jane's put him in his place.

  • So did Jane finally send him a pic? Did you confront dad?

  • Yes she did, 3 photos, one clothed, one sexy underwear and one topless with arms covering most of her breast. No, I've not confronted him.

  • Thats so hot.

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