She was on top when he bowels cut loose.

My girlfriend told me had been sick, I brought her some soup and some ginger ale.
We watched tv and I held her. she did not want to kiss for fear of making me sick. She had started her period, her hottest time of the month. She ask if I would have s** with her. No foreplay, just let her get on top of me.
I jumped at the offer and she did not waste time. she rocked back and grabbed my arms. she got one pretty quick and anther. the third one was getting pretty hot for her, was fun for me. I laid there and let her ride. When she hit the height note of her o*****, her bowels broke loose. She messed the bed and me. it ran down my legs and on the bed. She tired to get off me and more shot out, on the floor and on my pants. She washed and dried everything. I left right after, I had work the next day.
She sent me flowers at work, a letter to apologize and called me. This screwed her up pretty much.

Jun 5, 2014

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  • Women have been s******* on men for as long as there have been women and men.

  • Best thing you can do is forget about it and never ever mention it. We're all humans and the flowers were nice. She cared.

  • (0.o) ... eww & wow shes beyond embarrassed, if you really care about her look past it dont crack jokes about it, you know she cares when shes sending apology flowers -light

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