I want the so called ***be real

I want the so called ***be real b********* person off this site and everyone else who does to sign a comment saying so and we can also boycott this website if noone wants to complie.

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  • all i have to say is are u sure u r a guy cos u so say stuff that a chick would i mean really are u confused

  • wow i thot u guys taking my signature would be f****** funnier but now its just getting alittle stupid because everyone knows its not me dumass b****
    ***be real b*********

  • I am a c*********
    ***be real b*********

  • i was goint to cus out the commentor 2 ones above this one but now that they point out what i do i think hes right i do only repeat what the people say and add words like f*** m*********** c*** b**** f** h*** s*** s**** w**** f***** dumbass,etc... and it think that person understands,and the only people who actually hate me are the people i cus out and faggots because everyone knows i hate them and republicans
    ***be real b*********

  • I miss Site Shrink. finally 'b****** boy' and 'suicide is painless' and the other dorks lost interest. This idiot will as well, eventually. He's getting his kick by us freaking on him. Its.. kinky.

  • Everybody who's protesting on this page is the real b******. This is exactly the type of reaction that drives his tirades. Because you respond and cry, b**** and moan about what he says, he in in turn, comes back even harder. And you guys are going only make him want to say more stuff.

    Plus the dude is funny. And half of the time right. To the person who posted about him being mean and calling the gay teen a c*********. Well the teen himself admitting to sucking off the c*** of a 23 year old man. So that makes the little fagit b**** a c*********. Be Real wasn't doing anything but being his normal real self and stating the real facts. That a fagit is a c*********. That's reality B******. The poster confessed it. So if you are going to get mad get mad a the poster not the guy who just merely repeats what he said.

  • this idiot is just the same person as the one who used to post f** alert!! a little man molested since childhood by his dad, bros, uncles neighbors...your normal f***** up f*****!!!

  • Just ignore him!This is the only place he gets some of the attention he desperately craves.He is just a lonely and pathetic individual and if no one is giving him what he wants-to be FINALLY noticed-he will eventually go away.

  • The b**** who said it was him as that last commenter it wasn't him so leave be real b****** alone, he's an awesome guy, and if u even say another thing I swear I will go to whatever country ur in and I will kick ur ass, fukin s****, h***, s***, w****, mother f***** b****

  • to the sixth commentor i wanted to say that all that is going through my head is how mean i should be like get f** angry animal s** angry or even the perv angry,if you dont know what i mean i mean how p***** off i get by the type of confession like the dog f****** i think are the worst
    ***be real b*********

  • does anyone want to take bets that that last person was also him? or maybe chris crocker?

  • Omg, leave ***be real b********* alone!!! I email him, he's awesome, so shut the h*** up stupid fat f****** c***!!

  • duuuuddddeeeee.................

  • hahaha...i was waiting for someone to do something like copy my signature and say that but no thats not me but you were a little convincing except you have to cus more and be angryer like this."shut the f*** up you f****** c********** b**** copying my s*** b**** i will WHOOOP yo m************ ass b****
    ***be real b*********

  • thank you all, I now realize that i'm a complete a****** trying to compensate for my tiny p**** by making nonsensical insults to everone i see. i'm so sorry!
    ***be real b*********

  • lol, ever wonder what's going on in his head when he posts these things? i'll never understand. is he actually angry, do you think?

  • (To "Be real b******")
    Hey you - why don't you "be real" and SHUT THE F*** UP....b****.

  • Here here, confessor! He may be great entertainment for the previous poster, but is that good enough considering that the people on this site are posting their innermost secrets and he's calling them these things? I just read a confession about someone who had been forced to perform oral s** on a man, and he came on and called him a... "c*********". i realize now that he does that to everyone, but does no one realize how harmful such a comment could be, especially in that situation?

  • Hey i think he's a cool guy. So I say let him stay. His comments are great entertainment

  • I agree with you, off with "be real"!!!

  • i dont have enough time to tell you what i wana say so im just guna tell you to go suck d*** you m************ dumbass peace of s*** c********** f**
    ***be real b*********

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