How come I can't get good looking workers??

I want to have an affair with an employee. I have a few hours a day at the shop when my wife goes home and I could just do anything, in fact I spend at least 30 minutes j**********. I hire these b****** who smile and act sexy but they just want the paycheck. I flirt with them and they flirt back but that is it. Where are all the b****** who do all the fantasy stuff. I just want my d*** sucked!!

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I've had a few, but one in particular was my favorite. Not only very good at the job, and my right-hand person for almost 2 years, but, a young, gorgeous woman with olive skin, light blue eyes, high cheekbones, and killer legs. My clients loved her..A few a bit too much.

    We started messing around, sexually, fairly early on, and my now ex-wife never knew. In fact, she saw my time on the road or at my home office with "Melissa", as my time, not to be interrupted. Knew Melissa was hot, but, maybe figured since she was so young, would be safe with me. Nope...Melissa and I had frequent, wild s**.

    Hired another one, Danielle, who was also very hot, rocker-chick wild, and good at the job I gave her. We had s** a few times, but, since her bf played in a band, she traveled with him a lot, so, I never really knew where she was at any given time. My people worked from home and in the field, by the way. I liked Danielle a lot, but..Never knew which state she was in.

    Other than those two, others I brought on board were either short-termers or, in one case, such a cute, hot little woman that the damn beer promo guys stole her from me..

  • if you paid $200 plus an hour, you might find employees who are more engaging and friendly. don't hit on the girl in the kitchen; she despises your fat ass.

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