No self control

A friend and her husband came over to help plan for a party I'm throwing. After sizing up what was needed we all went drinking. Her husband got really drunk and we put him in the guest room to sleep it off. We went downstairs to play some pool. I got more and more excited every time she leaned over to take a shot as I could see down her top when she was across table and up her skirt as I sat waiting to take my shot. I had definitely had too much to drink because by about the 3rd time she bend over in front of me I was hard as a rock. She had a particularly hard to reach shot and outstretched on the table laughing. I'm not sure if she realized how much her skirt had lifted up or if she cared. The temptation was too much and I slid finger into her panties and began to tease as she laid out on the table. She nearly screamed in surprise, but then simply started saying "That's not fair" as if I was only trying to get her to miss her shot. She tried to refocus on taking her shot as I intensified my fingering. She completely missed the cue ball with her first attempt as I continued feeling her get extremely wet. She struggled to say "You should stop" as she again tried to take a swipe at the cue ball focusing her attention on the shot she didn't notice me pulling down my shorts with my other hand. IShe managed to connect with the cue ball and started to slide back off table right onto my engorged c***. Surprised again her reaction was "HOLY F***!!!!" I wrapped my hands around her waist and pulled her all the way on. Her reaction was "My husbands upstairs he could wake...oh god, oh f***, f*** me, f*** me, f*** me!" as I starting pounding her bent over the pool table. As she felt me begin to c** she turned around wild eyed moaning "I'm not on pill!". I pulled away still erupting. I shouldn't have done it but dam it was fun.

Jun 12, 2014

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  • I love stories like yours. I got hard reading it, imagining her pretty ass exposed for you. I would have done the same thing.

  • Let us know what happens!

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