Catfishing my student

I am a high school teacher. Every summer, I make a fake dating profile that says I am a 21-year-old local college guy. I do it mostly out of boredom, and because otherwise I'd have no way to talk to college-aged women. I only talk to them, and maybe ask them for sexy photos. Never try to meet or anything, for obvious reasons.

Anyway, our school got out two weeks ago, and I made my usual profile. Suddenly, I started getting messages from someone who looked familiar - one of my very own students who had just graduated! An attractive student at that. So we've been talking online for over a week now, and already she has fallen for the fake me. She is almost 19, so it's not illegal. I know that if I ask her to, she will send me some sexy photos. Just the thought of it gets me hard. But I'm trying to take things slow. I don't want to ruin this great "fish" I've got on the line.



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  • I would say continue this relationship for another week and then break it off.

    This relationship may seem awesome to you, but it is detrimental to her.

    So I suggest you don't let this thing go on for too long.


  • How would you feel if you had a daughter and some creep was misleading
    her ? Delete your profile and make one about the real you and be yourself and who knows maybe you might meet a collage girl who is into older men but w will never know if you keep being a fake .
    Try being honest you will have better results and you will feel good about yourself .

  • It because of people like you that actual genuine people on the internet get screwed.

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