Missing him

I love my ex but i did a very big mistake, i cheated on him and he found out and he pretty much hates me right now. eventhough i see him once in a while its only for ** but he made it very clear that thats all he wants from me and that there is no chance in us getting back together. the only reason i agree to have ** with him is because i have hopes that maybe if i do whatever he wants me to do he"ll see that im trying really hard to get him back. this however is messing around with my mind alot i cant eat, i cant sleep, all i think about is him
i know i messed it all up i admitt to my mistake i regret it and im paying for my mistake but the more i try to more i feel like he doesnt want me around. hes moved on and i dont know if i should do the same. i deserve to be treated like an item because i really hurt him, but should i keep waiting for him or just move on... i dont want to but if he keeps treating me this way its hurting me alot. i suspect that he might be talking to other girls or might be messing around and its killing me to have that in my mind
i just wouldnt be able to stand it, i feel like i need him to survive and now that i dont have him i lost my will to live. i wake go to sleep every night hoping i wont wake up, i wake up crying nd thinking y am i still alive. i cant take this anymore

Next Confession

Just plain ** up.

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  • He lost his trust in you and never will get it back . You probably will not tell him everything and that hurts more than anything . ** is ** , it is not love , he can never love you again . Find another man and live your life .

    My wife cheated on me and refused to tell me the truth , I did my own investigation and found the evidence overwhelming. She had ** with him about 30 times in a year , and he was a looser , just better looking with a better body . While she was ** him she was ** me to cover up her actions . Confronted her and asked her to tell me the truth the entire truth , but she kept some things a secret , and was ashamed . So basically I decided to give her freedom to ** her brains out and she is . It hurt me so bad , not because of her ** acts , but she did not feel i am worth telling the truth to .

    So go find another man , he will never forgive you unless you can prove you are now an honest person and tell the complete truth

  • The previous comments are actually really good advice. I'm a 24 year old psychologist, and i know saying that over the internet doesnt really prove anything, but i hope you'll trust me and it will make this advice seem more plausable.
    If you have someone close enough to you that you trust, then do confide in them, strength in numbers and all that.
    As for the details of your predicament... yeah, you made a mistake, but everyones capable of that, we're only human. Its good that you feel guilty about it though, it proves that despite what you did youre still a decent person after all.
    What he is doing however, proves entirely that he is not. Theres a chance here that hes using what you did as an excuse for him to have his cake and eat it... still sleeping with you, but having an excuse to go around and do whatever, and possibly, whoever else he wants.
    Do you really want to be with a guy like that/ You hate yourself for what youve done, and now hes probably out there doing worse by the sounds of it... hes certainly treating you worse than you did him, in my opinion.
    Hes not worth it, and you deserve better than to beat yourself up over a guy who clearly has no compassion for your feelings and our sorrow.
    Forget him, sweetheart, you can do better.

  • ok me again and, im not really all that good at this stuff.

  • omg... i read this all the way, i try to leave, but this thing. ive been through all that. ive thought about suicide, but it just wont solve anything. my mind was getting messed up also. and i have a friend who is also best friends with her. ok so heres the thing,try to tell someone who you are very close to (a best friend or something). just spill out what evers on your mind to him/her.

    ok and yes, im a guy 14 years old with a sensitive heart!

  • Move on. Dip Inside he will never forgive you. My BF did the same thing to me. He was sorry; crying, saying he loved me and wanted to be with me but I couldn't forgive him. Has ben almost one year and I still cannot stop picturing him on top of that other girl. Just forget about him and find someone else, dont torture yourself; what is done is done.

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