I have always been very sexual

I don´t think I was ever molested, I just know that I have always been very sexual, and that from a very young age I have always been looking for s**. I was twelve when I just could not contain myself any more. I masturbated constantly. When I had time, I was always in search of pictures or s** on tv.
One day my about 40 yr old neighbor installed a satallite receiver and I though I would have a great time looking through his window at p*** because I figured that is why he ordered it. 3 nights later I could not wait anymore. I snuck out of my window and went to look for a window to see, I caught about half of the tv of a group p*** and I was in heaven. I was so entertained and masturbating that I never noticed my neighbor until he was next to me.
After alot of explaining he did not know what to do so he invited me in. He pulled his d*** out and started mastubate and invited me to do the same. Then he started touching me, and it felt so good. I am not sure if I never told him to stop because I did not want him to tell my parents or because it felt so good to have some one else touch me. He started sucking my d*** and I had never felt so good in my life. It was wonderful. I cummed so hard I still remember all the cumm that I shot. I than sucked his d*** aswell. He then called a friend. Minutes later entered a tall thin man about 45.
He was very bossy and had a big d*** about 9 inches or more. He made me suck his d*** and than he f***** me hard. I remember being so turned and and having somuch paid and pleasure at the same time. When he started f****** me I told him that I needed to use thebath room, and he told me to wait because he was not finished with me yet, and I could feel like if I need to use the bath room so bad, but he just keeped f****** me. After a long time I heard him c****** and then he got off of me, and I ran to the bathroom, but nothing came out but c** and bubbles. My neighbor went in there and took care of me and gave me a shower and a b*******. Then I was f***** again, but this time I came too because I was getting suck as well. We did not sleep that night I cummed about 7 times and it was the best night of my life untl then. We f*** 3 or 4 time a week until I was about 15 and I f***** my first girl. Then I would do it once a week only, until my neighbors house burned down and he moved. It is funny how I rearly have s** with men anymore. Now it is just women and now Im the boss.

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  • If I laid my hands on you, I'd drag you into a MMF... Take you and your girl to a 7th heaven for you to learn and enjoy some more fun!

  • You're too gay.

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