Hot running partner.....

Every day after work I go to a local trail in my area to run. It is fairly secluded and empty on week days. Well my schedule just happened to coincide with this hot older guy's schedule. He is prob in his mid forties and married and I am 28 and just recently engaged.

After a few days of seeing each other, we started to talk after our runs and then began meeting each other to take long runs together. One of the particularly hot days after a long run, he dared me to go skinny dipping with him at the nearby lake. He took of his clothes and ran into the lake near the trail to cool off. I was really hot so decided to join him even though in the back of my mind I knew where this was going to lead. We splashed each other and he would pick me up and throw me while not so discretely feeling me up.

Eventually after messing around and flirting for a few more minutes, he kissed me. I kissed him back and then it led to making out and his hard c*** inside me. He was really big and I am sure anyone on the trail could hear me moaning. He f***** me like an animal, holding onto my ass while we were waist deep in the water and pounding me hard until he filled me p****.

I wish I could say this was only a one time deal, but we have s** at least two-three times a week and he f**** me bareback all the time. We usually find a secluded spot to f*** and it is even hotter with the thrill of being in public. I know I need to stop as I am getting married in a few months but I love how he makes me feel.

Jun 15, 2014

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  • You're not alone for I have done the same thing and the sexual relationship I have going right now has been going on for 7 months now and we meet on hill top trail 3 times a week and we have far out s** for 3 hours and he makes me feel alive and wanted. I'm 19 and he's 49, ya he's married and I don't care if he does want me for his s** object for he makes me feel like a million.

  • How do I get to meet you for some wild s** my girl? I'm older and just love to be around younger ladies. I have a nice size piece do gear that would serve you well. Just let me know.

  • I to have a much older friend he's 47 and I'm 19, he was the first in my ass and I loved it even tho it hurt like h*** the first few minutes but when he gave me his c** I could feel every single squirt and that drove me to the biggest o***** I've ever had.
    We meet secretly every week for a four hour f*** fest and I have no reservations about ever ending our f*** times.
    He starts out f****** my p**** but he gives me his c** up my ass sending me way over the top.
    Yes he takes V***** and he's had many erections that's lasted way over 4 hours.

  • Just let him keep f****** you, you're enjoying it. You can stop after you get married if you want but this is probably your last chance of f****** other guys before you get married.

  • I run all the time I'm older and enjoy the company of younger ladies running with me but I haven't been lucky enough to enjoy some younger s** as yet. What was his secret of how he was able to seduce you? I would like that very much some time so if you know some nice ladies please let me know.

  • So you're allowing a random strange to have unprotected s** and finish in you? Morality aside that's a horrible thing to do to your fiance in regards to health issues. You have no idea if this guy has any STI's or what other s** partners he might be having. At least use a condom!

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