Am I gay?

What makes a person gay? I am a 17 year old boy. I don't really have any attraction to other boys. But it seems many boys are attracted to me. I would MUCH rather be with a girl. Problem is I am a skinny, short, no athletic ability, nerd. Boys at school are constantly hitting on me. Not openly of course. They don't want an open date, just a private meet.
I was a virgin up until a month ago. I thought about getting a h*****, but bagging groceries doesn't pay the kind of cash I would need for that. So one evening I was working at the grocery store. A boy from school came through and chatted me up. He asked what time I got off and if I wanted to go hang out. I don't know why but I said "yes". He picked me up after work and took me to a secluded spot. He reclined his seat and pulled his jeans down to his knees. I couldn't miss the hint so I leaned over and sucked his d***. I had trouble when he came in my mouth. I gagged at first and even though it wasn't much it felt like a gallon!
In the past month I have said "yes" to three boys. Two of them are simple. They just want a quick b*******. The third guy is much different. Even though we meet in secret he treats me like a girl. He likes to make out and he even makes me wear a pair of his sisters panties. Although he loves me sucking his d*** he always wants to f*** me. It was a little rough the first time, as I was a virgin back there. But I did notice that I got VERY hard when his d*** was in my ass. Now that I have gotten used to it I make sure to get some added pleasure myself. As he f**** me I grab my hard d*** and get myself off.
Even though I am enjoying the s** I still have the same problem. I am not really attracted to boys. What do i do?

Jan 25

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  • You're likely bi-sexual. I was the same way...I like s** with guys but I didn't really feel attracted to them like I do with women.

  • Ever think about asking for them to help you get off? Seems too one sided. If it doesn’t seem gay to you, they might be willing to give a handy or blow too. Personally I don’t think you’re full on gay.

    Be careful…. don’t let word get out about your private friendships.

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