Caught Naked - true confession

I used to live near Harford, Connecticut. I was an avid runner and ran 10K 4-5 times a week. Most of my run was in secluded and wooded areas so I saw very few people or cars on my run.

this one particular day i realized that running the same route was getting boring so once i was into this wooded trail i stopped and took off my shorts and t-shirt leaving only my running shoes. I ran naked for over a mile and it felt great.

this was a point on my run (the last 2 miles) that was mostly trail through the woods with the exception of a secluded backroad i had to cross. in all the time i ran that route i never saw a single car on the road let alone a pedestrian.

when i was approaching the break in the woods at the back road i debated with myself about getting dressed or staying naked. i decided that since there was never anyone on that road i would run across naked. it was only 30-40 feet of exposure so why not just keep going.

as i approached the road i grew more and more nervous and excited. what if there was someone there? what would i do? they might recognize me since i was so close to home.

I came around a dogleg left and could see the road and the trail across the road. i was just about to enter the road when i was shocked and surprised to see a young lady in her late teens or early twenties walking towards me 10 feet from the trail i was getting ready to enter. i had to make a quick decision. i felt my pace slow as i decided. if i stopped she would see me anyway so i kept running passing 5 feet in front of her.

i ran down the trail and about 50 feet in i looked back to see her standing there watching me. i don't know why but i stopped running and turned to face her. she spoke saying "you have a nice body!" i smiled and began stroking my c***. she continued to watch as i quickly got hard and masturbated while this strange woman watched until i came. she actually thanked me and walked off.

it was surreal and exciting.

Mar 20, 2021

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  • Me and my friend around 10 years of age were roaming around the nearby park which was almost empty and we girls giggling and enjoying the morning Sun encountered and man who was shaking his protruding c*** with that pink head in the bright sunlight. We didnot understand then what it was and what he was doing, We just ran back to our houses.

  • I was at a lake once, there was a dock that some boats came in to tie up at. I had on loose shorts, no underwear, but I was covered unless someone got at the right angle, then they could see up the wide legs with ease. I took a blanket, lay down on the dock to sunbathe.
    Two young women came down to swim, I just lay there, they both had on bikinis and were nice looking. As they swam, I let my legs part, they same for some time, them came up to the end of the dock.
    Side by side, they were there for some time, I knew they could see me and I began to erect.
    One called out, "Hey mister, we can see your d***." And they both giggled.
    I sat up slightly made no move to cover up as I grew to as large as I can get.
    "You got a pretty one, mister." One of them said, more snickering.
    I reached down and tugged the legging aside, and began to stroke myself as they just hung there with their elbows on the dock, watching.
    When I went off and shot several spurts out across the dock, the one girl said "Wow!" and they took off.
    That was the only time I ever did anything like that, it is still my fantasy when I m*********. I do go to nude beaches in the Summer, but it's not the same.

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