Friends Wife on holidays (part 2)

On the second last day of the trip both our spouses had to leave for the day and we discussed ending early or the four of us leaving together for the day but my friend and wife encouraged us to stay and spend the day at he cabin. we both protested a bit but i could see the look on her face, she wanted us to be alone for the day. We were all up for breakfast early and sat around talking and i was anxious for them to leave and i could see so was my friends wife. My wife got up an said she was going to get ready and my friend followed a minute later.
My friends wife started to clean up the dishes so i started helping. when we were near the sink together she reached out and ran her hand over my crotch briefly and then whispered that she better not get me hard yet. It was too late but i got busy with dishes and some meaningless chat and it was calm before the spouses came out of there rooms and started getting ready to head out. My friend went out first to load a few things and my wife followed within a couple minutes and i was standing by the window watching them drive away when all of a sudden my sweat pants got yanked off and there were lips on my c***. I don't think I've ever been hard that fast. She worked on it for a bit and then stopped to tell me that even thought she told us in the past she doesn't like sucking c*** she wanted badly to suck mine. We probably were in that position for about 10 minutes when i told her i was getting close and she should give me a break so we could make this last. She stopped and said c** i want you too and then sped up the pace. She got what she wanted and i came in her mouth and she didn't stop or spill a drop. Wow that was good. i offered to return the favour but she said there's no rush we have all day. Lets give them a bit of time to make sure there not coming back.
We decided to head out onto the lake in my boat because it was a calm beautiful day. The lake is big and there a plenty of spots to hide from other people out there. We were packed up, boat in the water and ready to go in about a hour. We headed to a spot we knew would be secluded but as soon as we got a little distance fro the launch she started to strip. She came and sat on my lap and was grinding her ass against me. I let her take the wheel and and worked my shorts off and took my shirt off. it only took a second for me to be inside her and wow she was wet. We f***** while she drove in took us about 25 minute to get to our spot. when were pulled up i killed the motor and she moved to the front of the boat and laid on her back. She has a great looking body and this was the first time i ever got a good look and her p****. I laid down in front of her and licked her p**** until she came a couple times and then we started to f*** again. I made sure she came again before I blew a load inside her p****. We stayed naked almost the whole day and i f***** her 4 more times that day.
When out spouses returned that night we had just finished f****** and showering together at the shower house a mile or so from the cabin. They were both commenting on how it must have been a really good day on the lake with this beautiful weather and we couldn't argue about that.

Apr 9, 2016

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  • Pretty sure your friend was also f****** your wife all day too. You may as well all get together.

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