Five on gay virgin

I am 22, male. I recently lost my a*** virginity to 5 older men in one night. By older I mean, four old enough to be my dad and one old enough to be my grandpa. It was a crazy fantasy that was fulfilled.

I had always been gay curious. Even sucked a few c**** in the past. But never had been willing to give up the a***, even though many guys have tried. I have had even straight men tell me I had an amazing ass.

anyway, so I went to a bar and met two older men there who had asked me to join them for a few rounds of pool. I didn't even realize they were gay as they didn't make it obvious. A few hours later they asked me to join them at their house for some cards and alcohol. I agreed. When we arrived at their house there were three other men. They were all very polite and friendly. We drank and smoked a few cigars, and played some cards. They all flirted with me the whole time and I flirted back. Then we played truth game, where we took turns confessing things. During one round, I confessed that earlier that night at the bar I had seen on the two men's c**** while we were in the bathroom and had been wanting to suck it ever since. He shouted lets make that happen, so we went into a bedroom for a bit and I gave him head. It was awesome and so tasty. It had been a few years since the last time I sucked a d***. That guy was 43. This man was 56.

in the room, I confessed I had never had a*** s** but always wanted to. When we came out, he shouted to everyone, hey we gotta virgin ass that needs some serious tapping! They asked me to strip naked so I did, and they all complimented my ass. Then one guy said lets play the Dat Ass game! They all cheered. I asked what this game was all about and the guy explained it was a game they made up a long time ago. I was to bend over the table and everyone would line up behind me. The rules were each guy would slide their c*** into my ass one full stroke, b**** deep, then pull out and go to back of line. Each guy would do this. If someone double stroked he would be eliminated. The game would continue tell there was one guy left. This winner earned the right to tap dat ass for as long as it takes him to finish! Well this game lasted a good 40mins or so until there was finally one guy left! I recall the third person to be eliminated actually tapped my ass 6 or 7 times before finally pulling out! He said he couldn't take it anymore and he planned to finish the job later. Ironically it was the oldest man there who won, he was 67!! He then f***** me a good 20mins before finally cunning deep inside my b*******.

though the game had ended, the ass f****** had just begun. Only 10mins later, the guy who was third eliminated, asked me to come to the room so he could finish the job as he said he would do. I did and he f***** me good, then sat on the edge of the bed while I rode his old c***! Then the door opened and the rest of the guys came in, all naked, d**** in their hands. I spent the next few hours sucking and f****** all their c**** in a crazy five on one classic gang bang!

my ass was sore for a good week but that doesn't change the fact that this was the most amazing night of my entire life!

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  • Damn! This was super hot! You are really lucky!

  • Don't know what happened to my post so I'll type it again.

    Is this a game gays play for the same thing happened to me three weeks ago?

    The guy who invited me took my cherry three weeks ago and he told me my s** drive was to much for him so he invited me to this party at a friend place Saturday at noon and I accepted.
    When I got there there was about a dozen guys standing around some smoking weed and drinks and I was handed a drink and it took me about 15 minutes to drain it and I was handed another and I only drank about 1/3 of it and I became so aroused I began grabbing c**** and before I knew it the game started. A little differently tho for each did just one stroke, then so and so on till they c** in my ass. Two guys were big blacks and they had a good 13 and 16 inchers and I loved their c*** so much I did them five times taking their c** deep into my ass each time thru the night. I herd tonight when my lover was over there is another party planned for next weekend and the blacks will be there for they are regulars a smile came to my lips and Morry asked if I like their c**** and my answer was h*** yes.

  • I love this post. I am by and got totally ass f***** years ago when I was young by two older guys, and loved it. I have not been assfucked more than once or twice in the last years because it is hard to find gay or by men that are totally dominate because I am very dominate with women but I love to be dominated by older men. I also think that those nights were some of the best nights of my life. Just pure lustful s** and pleasure.

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