Woman who watched my sister, watched me

Parents did not want me watching my sister, so we both went to sitter. She was an old woman who lived in a very old house. My dad knew her and she watched us and two more kids. I don't think she charged much either; we were very poor.
She had a pump outside in a shed. So we pumped and carried water for her. She primed the pump and pumped. She never wore undies nor a bra. as a young boy I liked watching them swing as she pumped the water. I fell off the barn and scraped my self up. She took me to the shed and stripped me down. She washed me up and got me bandaged. She played with it and got it hard, told me to lay on the bench for a bit. I did and she mounted me. My first s** and I may have been her last. She must have enjoyed it, I got cookies and coffee from that point on. once a week we would go to the shed and do this. If I came to soon it did not matter, she just kept going until she finished her self.

Jun 25, 2014

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