My neighbor would touch me when I was just a young boy. It was a game at first but then she was making me suck on her nipples and licking on her p**** lips. She was over 30 with three children. She would suck on my d*** and make me c** in her mouth. Someone finally found out about us having s**. She then told everyone that it was all my fault that I molested her. I was a teenager and she a mature grown-up woman. Everyone believed her..even though this went on for years. WHY did they believe her?

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  • Well if you had reported it right away then people would believe you , it's that simple .

  • The stereotype is that it's always the man (or young man) who is at fault and that men are always the aggressor. It's not always true, but because it's true a majority of the time, simple-minded people assume it's always true. If you make it clear that this started when you were a boy with her touching you inappropriately, it would help. But like the other poster said, it's not your fault. An adult was involved with a minor.

  • There is something you (and many other people) have to understand, it's the same when anyone over the age of consent has s**, in whatever form, with someone under that age. NOTHING any child/teen, including you, could have done would have made it your fault (short of you forcing yourself on her). That's what the age of consent is all about. Kids and many teens feel adults have authority to do whatever they want, the law makes taking advantage of such beliefs a punishable offence. I hope you are getting or have gotten some help to get past it & I wish you better days...

  • Because if you were telling the truth, you were lucky.

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