Causing breakups

I'm a social butterfly and for the past two years I have been going to parties where everyone gets drunk off their ass and I pick out taken men and manipulate them into having s** with me while I record them. They typically give me permission, mostly because they are wasted.

After the fling I work my way through the group of people I knew at the party to figure out the girlfriend's phone number and I send them the video of their bf s******* me. When I know I'm recording I make an effort to start off sounding slutty but then I'll slowly ease into sounding like I'm being raped by them (thats the part I send)
It helps with keeping the girlfriends coming after me.

I haven't been caught doing this and the videos are such a turn on for me after I know they break up. I know I'm a homewrecker, but if a couple can't stay together after one drunken fling that's their fault.

You'd be surprised how guilty most of these guys feel after, but how so many of them say they want to be mine instead. ;)

Jun 26, 2014

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  • Girl i have seen 60 year old hookers on the street that are less trashy than you

  • This is blackmail and a crime.

  • Your are very ugly on the inside, hopefully once you find a man you want to grow old with some b**** just like you comes and f**** your world up like you do other peoples
    Karmas a b**** girl, and when she comes for you you'll have no right to complain or b**** or whine about it because you deserved to be hurt badly.
    If I ever found out one of my friends were doing what you are doing I'd rat them out in a heart beat.
    You are the definition of gutter trash.

  • You my dear are trashy, not for the home wrecking bit, but the making it sound like rape so you do not get your ass kicked. One day you will. Lol. Hope that's video taped!

  • Can't b much of a men to cheat anyway

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