Soo I met a girl at my job the other day. Got her number and met her at a hotel that night. I go there a little drunk. We start fooling around and she starts to give me head. (With lights off). She then stops and and lays on her stomach and I get on top. She guides my d*** toward her ass and forces it in. that immediately turned me off since I'm not a fan of a***. I pull out and she gives me head again. Then she stops and says she has something to tell me. she tells me she used to be a man. my heart almost stopped. She/he looked exactly like a attractive woman. I pushed her hand off me and said I'm going home. I know I'm not gay but I'm emotionally stressed. And I've seen this he/she back in my job. I'm really afraid she will tell somebody. Idk what to do. it's such an embarrassing story.

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  • To be honest I'm trans to. I feel like if she's COMPLETLY a woman. And look and acts the part there nothing wrong with that and she's can keep that to herself. But from what I'm taking away is she still had a p****. She should have told you before hand. And getting a bj from a T girl does not make you gay at all. I can't stress this enough. Your still attracted to women. Nothing else. And as long as she's honest and looks the part you should be fine.

  • Don't worry about it bro. Ain't nothin' gay about letting a hot tranny suck your d***.

  • When someone is a transgender, refer to them in the gender they identify with. In this case, always refer to this person as "her".
    But don't feel bad, she should have said she was trans* BEFORE going to bed with you. She's the one at fault here. And to be honest, I don't know if I could ever get a h****** for a transgender.

  • If she looked like an attractive woman, then you blew it.

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