Peeing in the pool

I'm house sitting for this guy. He has a pool, so I invited my gf to have a girls weekend at the pool. We were out by the pool all day long for both days, drinking beer. Too lazy to go inside, we just used the pool to pee. All weekend long. Didn't care. Every one does it. Right?

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  • I do it with my own pool. I p*** in the pool all the time and swim in it and sometime I have to p***. So I will and just fish it out later. No different than swimming in a pond.,

  • I do it too. Spend all day by the pool and never go inside to pee.

  • It is a d*** move if this guy is your buddy

  • Obviously, you've read the recent reports of studies showing how unhealthy this is. But equally obvious, you've never understood how stupid it is.

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