Strip pool

Went to party in one the guys house with my girlfriends. He had a pool tables and spent the night drinking and playing pool. I've always considered myself a good player. The idea of playing strip pool came up to spice up the party. I guess a few hard drinks and being with close friends lowers your inhibitions. Got challenged to a game of loser takes it all off by one of the guys. Thought I beat this guy's ass and he'd soon be flaunting hid d*** in no time at all. Well poker face began sinking b**** left and right and telling me "you can start taking your clothes off" Flushed with thought of stripping naked in front of everyone and playing the next game naked just to win back my clothes, I watched him sink the last ball. I could feel the sexual tension of having everyone waiting for my clothes to come off. Found out they joy that strippers get having men looking at them naked. Still remember taking off my clothes and slipping out of my bra and panties and climbing on that table. Embarrassed as h***, but somehow sexually turned on about having guys enjoying my nakedness. My girlfriends were breaking up looking at my blushing face and probably noticing my p**** juices coming into view. Bending over the table playing for my clothes, were clear evidence that I was wet and h****. I didn't win , but got them back to just to put me out of my misery. So embarrassed and h****, I realized what I needed was a good stiff drink and good f*** and a lot of guys willing to get their hands on me.

Jul 2, 2014

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