Pool party

These boys asked me if I could help them take a bunch of drinks to a group of girls sitting by the pool side. They handed me two drinks and pointing at the group of girls on the other side of the swimming pool. They were following behind with the rest of the drinks telling me "the're over there" I remember I was standing in front of them with the drinks in my hand watching them making space for the drinks, when my swim shorts got yanked down to my feet. It happed so fast I ended up with two drinks in my hand with a bunch of laughing girls looking at p****. By the time I put the drinks on the floor and pulled my swim shorts back up burning with shame. I remember them saying "nice d*** as I walked away totally humiliated and laughed out the swing pool by everyone. I never found out witch boy actually did the pulling down, but later found out those girls were part of the prank waiting for it to happed. I spent those three months of summer vacations dreading to go back to high school turned into the laughing stock of the whole school.

20 days

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  • Ha ha, in hs, a bunch of boys pushed me, male, naked out in the hallway when I was in the showers. Many girls lol, I was made fun of for weeks. But survived

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