My boyfriend through me out in the hall of his apartment building naked for cheating on him. He did it so every one could see what naked ** girl looked like and locked the door on me. Banged on the door but he never let me back in. It was his way of taking revenge on me and totally humiliated me. Ran up and down the stairs stark naked looking for a place to hide, when the elevator door open and three young guys walked out. Caught as ** as a new born baby, I had to accept their offer of sheltering in their apartment. They did nothing but look at my ** and ** and telling me how ** I looked naked. Took their sweat time handing me a towel and every small one I might add. I reached a point were I stopped bothering to cover what they had already seen. I just wanted to get out of the hall and letting them look was a small prize to pay. Spent two hour exposing myself waiting for my sister to pick me up. The last time I saw my boyfriend, I might add.

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I still love my ex GF

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  • ** ** **.

  • I think he's a **. You aren't married. There is no crime if you ** a dozen other guys besides him. And I think you should have ** the other 3 guys.

  • I think there is something that is so Skanky and slutty about you and you haven't got a clue how bad it is.
    Do you plan to be like this when you are older.? Or do you think you will just out grow this. Are you selfish or just kinda crazy? What if you have kids one day? Do you want them to be like you? The guy is soooo sooo lucky to be done with you!!!!!!!

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  • You should have ** the other guys to get back at your boyfriend for kicking you out naked..

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