Naked boys

My girlfriends and I would walk into the boys showers to catch them naked. We used to do it during PE period when teachers were out on the field supervising games. Always waiting for one or two boys to walking hearing the shower being turned on. Then we would walking making it look like an accident, say were sorry while looking down at their d****. They would usually look stunned and embarrassed and so ashamed they would never mention it to anyone. We got to seen at least four boys from our school naked. We never got into trouble, because none of them would admit getting caught naked by girls. We use to talk about witch one looked better naked and laugh ourselves silly.

Jul 12, 2014

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  • I saw a boy getting his swim suit tanken off in a public beach and forced to run back to his car in an open parking lot. He was stark naked and we all clearly saw his d*** swingging up and down. !Wow! all my girl friends were so turned we ran after him to hand him a towel to que a closer look.

  • I got caught twice in the shower by two pervert girls. It was also on the showers that were out by the basketball courts and baseball field used during PE. A perfect time for teachers to be out on the courts a far from the main school building. My mistake was taking a shower early to avoid the a crowd, never thinking i was being watched. I remember them sitting on the bench watching me stark naked soaped up under the shower asking me if was going to get it up for them. It was obvious they were there for a sexual turn on and the firt time having to finish my shower in front of girls watching mi getting an erection and storming out of the shower. What worried me was everyone in school finding out and not turning into the school's joke. I never said anything, they kept it secret but we all know what happen and not worth making a public scandal out of it but still embarrassing to see them every day in school.

  • Saw a boy's pants and underwear pulled down by some bullies. They did in front me and three of my girlfriends to shame him. Watched his underwear slide down his legs and his erect d*** popping out. I liked looking at his d*** sticking up in the air. It was the sexiest thing that ever happed in school. I just wished I would have walked over and grabbed it. Skinny boys with pretty big did, considering he was only 15. Got so sexually turned on I completely soaked my panties.

  • A similar thing happed to me in school, also during PE period when teachers were occupied supervising sports. Two girls sneaked into the boys showers and caught me all soaped up bare ass naked in an open shower. I was stunned when I saw them sit down on the bench with no intention of leaving. Realized I was stuck with no way out of it realizing I would have to let it all hang out. Remember one of them waving her phone at me insinuating that she had gotten it all on tape. I had to do something quick before anyone found out and becoming the laughing stock of the whole school. I swallowed my shame, washed off the soap, stepped out, dried myself and let them look at my d*** all they wanted. Got dressed right in front of them and walked out as fast as I could, knowing that it would be the last of it. Sure enough, after threatening to go public with the tape, s** was the only way to keep it secret.

  • Why don't you try sucking or f****** one of them lol you saw them naked anyways

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