Found my dad with my aunt, my cousin may be half sister

As a kid I found my brothers cigarettes in the barn loft and smoked one. Heard my dad and hid out. Shortly I head my aunt come in. He laid a blanket on the straw and she got her pants off, opened the shirt and laid back. He was on her for a long time. I guess twenty minutes before he finished.
Got dressed and she left before him. Another time I am home sick from school and he stayed there with me. I heard sounds and came down the steps. In the sliding door cracks I could see her on the bed and him giving her a hard one. She moaned and groaned several times, until he finished and she left.
Some years later my sister brought up how close she and my older cousin looked. My cousin was in an accident and I ask her to find her blood type. Well she is either my dads or she is not the daughter of my uncle. She has the same blood type as my sister.
My dad told my cousin before he died, she was his favorite. I think he knew she was his.

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  • Wow, that is an incredible family story, and an incredible secret. I hope for your sake that you find out the real truth.

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