When I was twelve years old I put my

When I was twelve years old I put my finger in the neighbors daughters v*****. I was giving her a piggy back ride and she was wearing a dress and my hand was on her panties. I was curious so I slipped my finger in. She got mad and said don't do that. She was five years old. I always felt guilty for that and never did it again. I hope I didn't scar the kid.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • You were twelve

  • XD f*****

  • Are you sure it was't your c*** you put in you dirty little b******

  • how old are you now

  • come on if you think about it all i ever did was come on this site to make fun of people and sign my signature, i never asked anyone for attention you f****** dumasses fell for my comments,if you really want me to stop and leave why do u all comment back on my comments???it only postpones my retirement to this site and you can all thank that lady who f***** her dog for getting me on here,my friend told me about this site to rag on that b**** and look what my visit turned into, all you have to do to get me to leave is to shut the f*** up ,you dumasses,but you know like you people said im just a dumass so i wont be able to understand your resond comments and to the sicology major i know that you are going to say something about me saying shut the f*** up,like im getting annoyed or something and come on i am getting aliitle annoyed because i only want to rag on people not have to talk to retards like you, and now you are guna say something about me getting annoyed,but now that i said that you arent and you are guna find something else to say about this comment or something about bonnie,so please man just dont say anything becasue i know what ur guna say so there is no point in saying it, like something stupid about manboobs, coke,or doritos it doesnt really matter because i go home to get p**** and i have a good job with a family so i dont need a f***** like you telling me what i know ur guna say.you are going to tell me that you have a better life then me and describe it and im guna cus u out and we are guna go on for months so im asking please shutup cus we think alike we know what the other is guna say and i know now your guna make fun of this hole thing so lets hear the bs...

  • and im am talking about the commentor two above

  • wow you guys are so pathetic you come on this site to make fun of people you guys are the f****** idiots, you make up stupid things trying to make fun of people when you guys really are the f****** retards

  • This is bonnie and clyde's confession actually. He responded to himself to make himself look like he's not the child rapist he really is..........LOL

  • You are a sick f*** you should crawl into a hole and die

  • You better hope she doesn't mention it to her parents. Kids talk, y'know.

  • no no you didnt scar the kid all you really did was f****** molest and finger rape a f****** child you sick m************ c********** peace of s*** dumb m***********

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