First time, Last time

I was a 17 year old confused teenage boy. I thought I was gay. I had played a little with a friend during sleep overs. Touching and even kissing, but nothing close to real s**.
So I decided to explore it. There was a park in out town known as being a gay hang out. I went there on afternoon, and being a teenage boy I caught major attention from the older men. I started giving blow jobs and occasionally receiving one. I was very popular when I showed up. The older men loved it. And I admit I was enjoying myself as well.
Well one afternoon I showed up and get a surprise. There was a man there I had never seen before. He was a little younger, maybe 30 and very attractive. I immediately tried to get his attention. I offered him a b*******, he accepted but wanted to get away from the crowd. We got in his car and drove to a secluded spot. He ordered me to get in the back seat and strip. When I was naked he joined me and stripped down as well. I was like, WOW! His body was great, he had a much lager d*** than any of the other men, it had to be 7 inches soft. I leaned over in his lap and took him in my mouth. I remember he loved it when I licked his b****. I went like 15 minutes and he still didn't get off, but his d*** got huge! He pulled me up and faced me away from him. I nearly exploded when I felt his tongue licking my ass. It felt so good. He pulled away and I looked over my shoulder. He had a bottle of lube and poured a generous amount in his hand. He went back down and went back to r****** my ass as he reached underneath and grabbed my hard d***. He began stroking me and with his tongue in my ass I didn't last a minute. I was shaking as I shot c** all over the seat underneath me. Before I could apologize for the mess he pushed me face down in the back seat and I felt the lube being poured into my ass crack. I squirmed a little when his finger entered me but it didn't feel bad. Then he pulled it out and I felt something much larger. He grabbed my shoulders and began pushing his d*** into me. When I tried to push up he laid his body weight on me and kept pushing. I don't know how people a mile away didn't hear me! Once he was inside me he didn't take it easy. He pounded me like a prom date as I screamed and literally cried. I don't know what this guys deal was but it took him forever to get off. At least it seemed that way. Finally I felt his d*** twitching and the warm c** hitting my insides. He laid on top of me until he got soft. I was so relieved when he got up and began to dress. It couldn't do it again. I dressed and he took me back to the park entrance. Walking home was not easy. I was so sore I faked being sick and skipped school the next day.
I decided I wasn't gay that afternoon. I don't know how some guys do it. It hurt like h*** even with the lube.

May 6

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  • I feel bad for you in this instance. It was a bad start. I dunno, but you need to start off slow and easy, maybe with someone who is new to it also and knows how to go about being "gentle". My first time wasnt a good one either, and was sore for a bit....even walked funny. But, as you advance it gets more easy and enjoyable. Its actually very pleasing once your adapt to it.

  • Are you okay? It doesn’t seem like u consented it, did you?? Let me tell u, it hurts cuz he’s doing it wrong, u should feel pleasure too. Don’t base your sexuality on one guy basically raping you, but your feelings and if you are attracted to men or not

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