Insecurity ruins relationships

Maybe this might help some “mature” women looking to date. I met Carol on a dating site. You can tell the insecure ladies by the pictures they post. If the pictures of their face only they are probably overweight. If they post pictures of themselves when they were much younger, they are telling you “Look! I used to be pretty.” There are more tells but they are all saying that they are insecure.
After meeting Carol, I saw that she had a pretty face, and she was in fact overweight. She carried about 60 pounds more than her 5’5’’ frame should hold. She was insecure and nervous. She had a sweet personality and I liked her.
We went out on a date and when I took her back to her house, she invited me in. we sat in her living room and talked. She sat next to me and held my hand. She looked me in the eye as if to plead with me. I read that she was lonely and desperate. I reached over and unbuttoned her blouse and freed her 34C t***. They were pretty as she let me play with her nipples. Sat proudly and somewhat satisfied that I liked her t*** with her shoulders back as I played.
After about 15 minutes I sat back and opened my jeans pushing them to my knees and freeing my hard c***. Without a word she immediately slid off the sofa and knelt between my feet and pushed my jeans to my ankles, spread my knees open, leaned forward and quickly gobbled up my c***. She seemed to want to show me how good she could suck my c*** and please me. She was good at sucking c***. As she sucked and licked my shaft and the underside of my b****. When she wasn’t licking my b****, she would lightly massage them and rake her nails under them while teasing my a****** with one finger. She would push the tip of her tongue in my pee hole and suck while always giving attention as she massaged and lightly scratched the underside of my b****.
As I was about to c**, she got excited and more enthusiastic. I arched my back and came hard in her mouth as she enthusiastically swallowed and sucked. It was one of the best blow jobs I ever received. I really liked the attention she was giving me.
When I came time to say good night, I reminded her that I had to work in the morning. She literally tried to block the door so I wouldn’t go. I remained calm and polite and told her that I really wanted to see her again, but I had to go home but she begged me to stay. I got annoyed that she was being so needy and pushed my way past her. she immediately called my when I left. I explained to her once again that I needed to be at work in the morning. No matter how many times I said it she chose to ignore me and argue. I hung up the phone and she called back 15 more times. Unfortunately, it was the last time I saw her. we could have had fun together.

22 days

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  • Why have you not seen Carol again?

    I know she was needy, but it seems like she really liked you and you enjoyed her.

    You should give her a chance. Spend a weekend with her.

    Let her get a chance to “know you better “

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