What do I do

I want finger my cousin's tight p**** while she is asleep but can't get in her panties. How do I get in her panties and finger her without her waking up. Any tips?

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  • Steal her panties, then she will have to sleep naked.

  • You get too finger her yet...

  • Go for it and how old is she. Put copil off sleep tablets in her milk before bed and she be out cold. I do it with my step daughters...

  • Are you there.

  • Control yourself dumbass. You're not supposed to touch a girl like that. You could get arrested for sexual assault and go to prison. Your family would disown you. Are you an idiot?

  • Yes, it's rape. Don't do it. DON'T DO IT!

  • Are you there..

  • The secret is to practice on yourself. Sneak you hand down your pants and stick your finger in your ass carefully. Practice until you are good enough to not feel it yourself. Lick your finger if it won't go in easy the first time. Master this before you get in trouble and are murdered by your uncle.

  • Do not give. Then Ideas

  • Or, he could cut off his own d*** and stuff that up his ass.

  • How about don’t do it? Not raping is always a good option.

  • Are you there...

  • I can tell you. How old is your cousin...

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