For the longest time i felt married women who cheat were wrong. but i understand now they want to be pleasured and have needs and they are not getting that at home. i love watching p***** where the wife cheats or gets seduced!!!!! So what i am saying if there any hot women who want to cheat on their hubby let me know. and hopefully i can help u out!!! one thing i have a panty fetish and love wearing panties. so hope that will not be a problem. i really want to help a hot wife cheat on her hubby!!!!!

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  • I am a married black female who is now in a affair with a married white man from work. While it is cheating - it is nice to have someone who buys me anything I want and treats me great - had I not gone to college and been exposed to white men I would have missed out on having a wonderful friend, d, lover and jsut all around good guy!

  • Ok any one who supports cheating is not very bright
    and are the same type of people that wont take responsibility
    if it goes to h*** like the husband coming home & killing the person you just slept with and 2 in america women are given freedom of speech & choice so if they diddnt want to be with them then they should have been married for love & not money
    you cant help only they can you want to help give advice to help there relationship not take advantage of her situation
    because your h**** j***

  • Panty fetish? That's kind of homosexual. I don't think any woman will want to cheat with you if that's your fancy.

  • Then there are a LOT of homosexuals on this site. Or just one or two really lonely fetishists who have nothing better to do than post the same thing over and over. (My money's on the second option)

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