I Let Him Peek

My wife and I recently went out to dinner and dancing with my best friend who was visiting. He stayed with us and she and him get along somewhat, but aren't really pals. We have a strange sense of humor when we're around each other. So when he said he wished I shared my wife with him, I thought it was a joke. It made me feel awkward, but it turned me on a little. Later on the at night, after dinner, we had gone dancing and we had let the drinks add up, which is rare for my wife. What was even more rare was she had worn a skirt I thought was a bit short for her since she's tall with long legs. I have to admit she looked hot that night and she knew it. In any case, he and I left her sitting at the table not far away to order more drinks at the bar. When I turned around, I saw him looking at her at the table and she had uncrossed her legs and gave a a clear shot up her skirt. She had been drinking so she didn't really bother to stop flashing. All you could see under the black dress was a little off-white triangle. When he saw that I noticed him looking up her dress, I don't know why, but I didn't stop him. I just turned around to wait for my order. He just kept looking for a solid three minutes until we headed back to the table.

Jul 7, 2014

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  • You should have told him to stay right there. You stroll over to your wife. If she shuts her legs quickly, you know she was doing it on purpose and you got her, if she doesn't, it either means she's wondering what you think about it or she's WAY TO drunk, ask her if that turns her on as much as it does you. "AGAIN" either way, you got her. Tell her (strongly) to take her panties off right there!!! and lay them out on the table and have her pull her skirt up so she's sitting with her cheeks on the chair and to keep her legs open as far as possible. Then waive you friend over and tell him he's going to get his wish, a little later. Your wife should keep her skirt pulled up as high as possible the rest of the evening. You should also let her know that when you get to the car she needs to pull her skirt up over her shoulders and lay across the trunk because YOU WILL BE GIVING HER A STERN SPANKING for being such a naughty girl. Tell your buddy, he can pick up the panties or leave them, which ever he feels will embarrass you wife the most........

  • It sounds like you liked it a little. Maybe let him see more of her. If it's weird at first, start slow with just other panties of her's. She might even like it herself and start giving him a free show. Does she ever go commando?

  • Nope, told her about it the next morning and she was horrified that he had seen her panties and that I didn't stop it.

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