Is he too young for me

I know a guy from my ex boyfriend. Ex and I only dated a very short time. His friend and I have become really good friends. He's 7 years younger than I. I really like this guy, and think that we could have a future. Is it bad juju to ask this guy out? Is it against the man code? Would he say yes? Or is he just a nice guy, and friendly to everyone. What should I do?

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  • He's just right. 7 years is nothing. You like him, sounds like he enjoys spending time with you and maybe hasn't found the courage to ask you out. So, maybe drop a hint that you want to do something (movie, concert..etc). Hopefully he'll catch on will say, do you want to go? And you can say, is this a date? are you asking me out? And by his response you can most likely figure out if he's on board or not.

  • He's being friendly to you because he wants you. Let him have you. The age thing? Doesn't matter.

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