This is a break up letter to wt.

I can't be with you anymore. I think we'll always be friends, but I don't know if after today I can be your friend right now. At this exact moment, I feel so many different emotions. I feel conflicted over the entire situation. You lied and kept this from me for months, and that makes me mad. You are scared to confront me about it, and that makes me even madder. For the last few months you've been debating this and essentially stringing me along. I thought you wanted this; I thought you wanted me. You've taken every ounce of confidence I have an tossed it away. You make me question everything we've ever done. Did you even f****** want to do any of it? You joke about it with me and now I can't help but think I'm the joke. The joke whose boyfriend doesn't desire her and isn't attracted to her. The joke who has fallen for all the pretenses you use to make her think you want her. You know what? F*** you.
Actually, go f*** yourself. That's a better phrase for you.
Because you know what? I'm going to COLLEGE. And I'm going to find someone who actually wants me.

I'm sick of the poor attempt at dirty talk. You are terrible at anything sexual anyways. In less that 5 words you make me feel embarrassed about my body and my abilities.

I wish I wasn't so blind and I could have seen how much you didn't care.

I'm so stupid.

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