Hot neice

I never thought about my niece in any sexual way but for one week during a family vacation, we had to share a hotel room. Only one bed and we both thought it was punishment, that was untill i was awake playing on my ipad and she fell asleep. Later on i was going to bed and i pulled the blankets too far and it fell off her body. I noticed all she was wearing were a t shirt and panties. It was a white lacy pair that showed off the bottom half of her ass. I jerked off next to her while staring at her t*** and ass. On the last noght of our vacation, we had all been drinking and she was passed out. I took off the blankets to rub a final one out but i was sad to see some pants on her. I called out her name and shook her a little but she didnt even stir. I gently lowered her pants and was shocked to see she was pantyless. I eventually removed her pants down to her knees. She was sleeping in like a spooning shape. And her p**** and ass were sticking right out. It looked so hot. I took some pics and i jerked off. I took it even furthir and poked her ass cheek w my p****. No reaction. I ended up smelling her p**** and ass and even touching lightly. I still j*** off uears later to those pictures

Jul 10, 2014

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  • My wife and I were on vacation and she wore a pleated tennis skirt with no panties on to go to the breakfast buffet. We were going to play tennis after breakfast. But before we went down to the buffet I f***** her, then she jerked off, then she peed, and then I f***** her again. She never wiped her hairy p****. So we get on the buffet line there is c** dripping out of her c*** and down her legs. We sit on a plastic like bench at the table and she says she is so wet with her c*** dripping all over the seat that she is actually sliding on the c** which is now all over her ass and when we got up to leave the entire seat as she had to slide to get out was soaking wet. I saw it and thought about the next person to sit there, and how they would be sitting in my wife's c*** juices. We then played tennis with her p**** still fairly wet and mushy. It was pretty cool, but this was a long time ago, but still nice to remember it.
    My wife would wear white tight jeans with no panties and right before going shopping she would love me to f*** her after she jerked off and peed. Right after I came in her she would pull up the jeans and all of her c**, my c**, and her pee, would drip down her lags and into her crotch and she would walk around in public like that and love it.

  • Lucky I love to do that to my wife when she is passed out.

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