My fiance...

That my fiance is not f****** me enough!!! I am not talking about once a week either, more like 1 every month and a half! Now I do understand that he is tired after work but damn at 35 he acts as if he is 80ish! too tired to do this or that. too tired to do manly things around our house. too tired to speak to his 3 kids. too tired to f*** me. but not too tired to play on facebook ALL DAY! Now, I do everything for our home from cleaning to repairs because he does nothing. I am 35 yrs old also, short and sexy, petite with long black hair, with a very high libido, and quite frankly im tired of having to f*** myself for him too. we have been together 9 years with a beautiful daughter (4), and my step sons , his 10 and 11 yr old, whom I have mothered. now, I feel like the least he could do is to f*** me after all I do and have done. like, I never have cheated but I surely have been thinking a lot lately about giving this good, untouched p**** away. Whatcha think I should do? Should I step out of my norm, character and befriend someone so I can get some d*** cuz I am going crazy. honestly, I thought men cheated because their women don't want s** and here it is, I am the complete opposite and can't get any d***. what straight man doesnt want a willing and eager woman? sometimes I wish I was facebook so he could play me all day.

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  • You have needs. Don't ever be ashamed of that, or allow anyone to make you feel like it's unimportant. It is VERY important! So, the answer to your question, and to your dilemma, is "yes": you should totally begin to have some extracurricular fun and pleasure. You need to do that, and you're at an age where it is something you should be doing. Your fiancé can hardly complain, since it's his fault you aren't being satisfied. Find a man -- or MEN -- who can give you what you need. Life is too short to do without. Finally, don't you DARE marry this guy until you've worked out the physical part of the relationship: you'll just be making things worse. If he can't (or won't) turn this around, dump him.

  • I can be the man for the job!

  • First tell him that you need it more than he is providing and if he doesn't f*** you more often, then you will get it elsewhere. He will f*** you more often for a little while, but then fall back into his old habits. When that happens, you can go find a FWB who will be happy to satisfy you, and you won't need to feel guilty because he sort of gave his permission.

  • He is in facebook all day will that don't make you s**

  • Where do you live i might be interested

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