Fuc* Black Marvel

Ok now how many of you people are sick to death of Terrible comic ideas a recent piece of info popped up theryre making Captain America BLACK im so sick of all of this ** leave comics alone theres been too much damage already like Thor is now a Woman, Nick fury an angry black man instead of a tough white guy, and Johnny storm now a BLACK guy instead of a smart ** white guy, Ms Marvel is a dirty muslim and spiderman becoming a mix of races thats truly pathetic BOYCOTT IT ALL leave the white characters alone niggerz dont belong as white heroes. Hate me I dont care there are more people like me i just have the ** ta say it -AngryAzHeLL

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  • It would be hilarious if someone made a movie where Hitler is played by a black person.

  • He or an unmistakable mockup of him have already been played by a Jew (Mel Brooks) and an actor with a half-Jewish brother (Charlie Chaplin). Turn off your Virtue Signal.

  • Chill out dude it's just a ** comic book.

  • If it's "just" a comic book, why do artists and writers suddenly feel a burning need to turn characters black? If it's "just" a comic book, no one should care one way or the other. Try turning Nick Fury white again and see what happens.

  • Wow.

  • It's not racist...if marvel wants more black woman or whatever characters then they should create them. Not completely ** change an already existing character. PC is about the finest ** ever. If marvel wants a **, Muslim, black or Hispanic or whatever character then make a new one. If it succeeds great, if it fails there was no interest. End of story

  • ** racist holy **

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