Told some shocking news this weekend

Family member with sons moved in his GF who has two girls and three sons. The blended family went well for five years.
The second oldest girl told she was gay. her father moved her to his house and tried to change her. She rebelled. Once she hit the legal age she moved back to her moms place. Where her mom talked her into having s** with a guy. She suggested the oldest son of my relative. She said she watched this boy she helped raise f*** her own daughter. (both legal age in this state) and gave pointers. She put her daughter on BC pills and gave them her self. She told my wife, " I wanted him to fuvk her so good she forgot about sucking p******",
The girl told her dad she may not be gay now, then who did her and how. That her mom watched and helped.
I found this very troubling to hear. Needed some place to vent my feeligns.

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  • Smart mom

  • Her parents were complete jerks. The girl's sexuality belongs to her, and the decision should have been left up to her alone, without any pressure at all from others.

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