I need some advice.

I was sleeping naked one night and when I woke up the next morning my 24 year old stepdaughter was sucking on my d***. I asked her what the h*** was she doing and she told me that she couldn't help it. She told me that her original plan was to walk into my bedroom so she could take a shower when she saw me sleeping in the nude. She then said how she couldn't take her eyes off of my b**** and she began touching herself. She then told me that she just had to take her clothes off and fondle my d*** and suck on it. I wanted to stop her but she felt so good and she slipped a condom on me and we f***** each other hard. When she asked me if I was about to c** and I told her yes she quickly got off of me ripped off the condom and she jerked me till I had squirt all over her t*** and her face. I felt really bad doing this with her any advice?

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  • Fake ... good story heheheh

  • First of all how would u know if this post is fake? I know for a very fact that situations like this happens all the time so whoever wrote this I believe u. U are stuck in a very serious situation now and u have to make a tough choice rather to tell her mom or not. and to the person that said this post was fake I think u need your head checked and know that things like this dose happen.

  • There is a sucker born everyday and your one of them ... babababababab !

  • Advice.. stop writing fake posts.

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