Feelings for mum

I've had feelings for my mum for sometime now and they only got stronger over time,she's hot as f*** nice big t*** and a cute ass every morning before she would leave for work it she would drive me crazy with what she would be wearing and i would have to w*** off,it didn't help when she was kneeling down putting the shopping in the freezer and me next to her she asked if i was wearing underwear because she could see my d*** bouncing around when i moved and that started me off doing everything i could to get her to look , been getting her to look for months then she asked if we can talk and she asked how long has it been going on for your not that clever you seem to be getting to excited i was lost for words and she asked me to follow her upstairs walking up the stairs behind her it felt like her ass was teasing me, when we was in her room she was looking through her top draw and mentioned you no it's not the first time ive had that affect on family me and my uncle got up to some crazy things when i was younger and chucked a condom on her bed saying try this for size i wasn't wasting that chance fast as i could my shorts came off and quickly put it on and she turned round and said i knew you couldn't help yourself im in her room wearing just a condom and she starts going in to detail about what she got up to with her uncle for 20 minutes it was killing me not being able to c** and she asked how long will it take you to pop and unbuttoned her shirt showing her white lace bra and that was it i wanked off so fast before i knew it it was over and she said now that's out the way go flush it down the toilet and come straight back and what happened when i got back was the best feeling you could have she was completely naked she pushed me on to her bed and guided my c*** in to her wet shaved c*** and started f****** me i knew i wouldn't last but she did say we will have plenty more practice.

Nov 25, 2020

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  • Thats so hot my p**** is wet just thing about it it makes me want to f*** one of my boys

  • ❤️Incest

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