I am having a affair with a Married White Man

I not sure how this affair truly started - friends, co-workers but one day when my husband was out of town and we had to stay late at work - my friend asked if I wanted to get something to eat as his wife would have eaten and put the kids to bed. We stopped at a local dinner - nothing fancy and I felt his leg rubbing mine under the table - I looked at him and he acted like nothing was going on - after we ate and this went on for awhile we where heading to our cars when he just stopped put his arms around me and we started kissing deeply - as neither of us had been drinking I thought this was a true deep attraction - I let him put his hand on my ass up my skirt and soon felt his finger in my wet p****. He pulled his finger out and sucked the hot jucie of his fingers then got me in the back seat of his car like high schoool kids and stuck his d*** deep inside me. I wanted to scream but was afraid in a parking lot someone would hear me and think he was murdering me - he really knew how to f*** me good in the tight back seat, his c** felt so hot as it went deep inside me I looked into his eyes and said that was the best f****** I ever had - and it was so sexy and thought of getting caught was crazy - it made me c** twice while we were f******. We have been f****** weekly since - every time is a good time. Divorce is not in the cards for either of us as my husband is now unemployed and his wife is a stay at home Mom.


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  • Cheating and f****** in car back seat is so hot. My s*** wife f***** her Ex Bf in his truck's back seat.

  • Sounds like you have a good thing going. Keep it up, and enjoy the s**. Everyone can stay married, and you get to have extra s** treats. What can be better?

  • Had an older black woman at work. She worked late shift and I worked midnights. It snowed one night and she could not get home. I took her to my apartment and let her use my bed. I got off at 8 am and came home. She was sleeping when I cam in, I quietly came in. I got a blanket for the sofa, she woke and told me to get in.
    I striped to me shorts and got in as she ask. She slid over and put her hand on my chest. Her head on my shoulder. When My hand warpped around her I could feel skin. She slep nude with one of my tee shirts on.
    She ask if I wanted to wind down a bit before sleeping.
    We did not do any oral s** but she was ready when it went in her.
    We had some nice s** that morning.
    She got up while I slept and cooked for me. One of the guys picked her up at 330 and I took her back at midnight. We had a repeat the next morning and again that after noon.
    She lived with me for four days and nights like this. Finally going to her house that weekend.
    She black much older amd married, ask me to keep this from everyone. Some at work had questioned the arrangement. She told them what would a nice looking white guy see in an old black woman. I knew, and knew well.

  • He is white and you are?

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