I am a Versatile Bi and I LOVE it

I am very experienced sexually, and now in my late '50's I at at the point that whatever I feel lwill be pleasureable as an experience, I'm happy and willing to do it.

I am in a steady and happy relationship, and my partner is aware of and approves of my outside activities. She is fine with the fact I have s** with men as well as other women, and trusts my method as I always play safe, whether it's with a male or female.

I have a couple female friends with benefits whose company I enjoy, and they are between 15-20 years older than me. I still travel a bit with work, and if the mood strikes, I sometimes enjoy a much younger woman as well.

Same with males, there is always a method to meet someone, and if all is agreeable I will engage sexually. With women, I am dominant, but interestingly with men I very much enjoy being submissive.

I very much enjoy performing oral to get a male date worked up and then move on to f******. Love to run my tongue up and down their c*** and sucking and licking their b****. In a great part I can relate to what it's like being a women as my favorite s** with a male hands down is on my back with my legs over his shoulders and my hands on his ass, pulling him deeper into me... I enjoy saying hot encouraging things to my male lover and watching their face and listening as their breathing gets heavier and their thrusts harder until they c**. Love to feel them pulsing away inside me as they finish draining themselves inside me.

My favorite days are when I have s** with my partner, as well as with one of my friends w/benefits and some man to man. Those day's dont happen often enough for my liking but they are ultra hot.

I guess i'm just an old s*** all around

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