I like him and his best friend

We have a lot of family friends that we basically consider our family and my best friends family is one of them. I like her brother lets just call him mark. So ive liked "mark" on and off all of my life because we've known him forever. Im going into 8th grade and ever since the end of fifth grade beginning of 6th ive liked mark's best friend. lets call him jake. so "jake's" family are also family friends so every event, a cookout, a party, swimming, camping I always see both of them. I always freak out in my head I mean I like them both ive known them both my whole life so what do I do im not gonna tell marks sister im not gonna tell jake's either. FML!!!

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  • Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKV6h_5XFbk she is just reaching for love like meghan but for some reason its alright for some to get married many times and not for others to be allowed to marry once. Lets see how these grand women cope with the health problems I have had first and had the tumors removed and the pain , their tumors and pain is just men, for years to find out how strong they are. And I have done it all alone! wait til harry ends up the image of her father cuz I think that harry looks a lot like meghans father. They will both be fat and old and she will want a younger man after some kids and boring straight constriction lady role is boring she will want to find a relax man button like diana and all of them do.
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