Night at Le Trapeze pt1

This took place in 1999.

My girlfriend Amanda and I had had been talking, not really seriously, about going to Le Trapeze for a while. She was Jewish with dark hair, dark eyes, and a pretty face. She stood about 5'4" and was a little overweight but not too bad, and she had enormous b****** that she loved to show off. One Wednesday night I deliberately took her to a restaurant on 25th, far downtown from where we lived. As we were finishing dinner, after I’d paid the check, I told her tonight was the night. She looked a little alarmed for a second but then she gave a brave smile and nodded yes. It was about 8:30 p.m.

We walked the two short blocks to the place and went in. It was dimly lit and while there were a few people in the front space it didn’t seem all that different from any other sparsely populated club I’d been in before. Nobody was making out or anything, I mean.

We went into the locker room where the attendant gave us towels and showed us to our locker. There was another couple in there, he was dark and swarthy looking, she was a beautiful, petite, Asian woman with long, straight, black hair. They were both in the final stages of getting undressed; the woman wrapped the towel around herself and followed the guy out.

Alone in the room I pulled Amanda close and kissed her, feeling her body go soft against me as my tongue probed her mouth. I began undressing her as I kept her in my arms, moving my mouth down her neck as I removed her blouse and bra, then unzipping her skirt and leaving her naked, standing before me. I unbuttoned my shirt and she immediately placed her hands on my chest, rubbing me all over and leaning in to kiss my nipple. I remember the smell of her hair as she fumbled with getting my pants open. She bent down and gave my half-erect c*** a little kiss on the tip and then straightened, backing up to allow me to finish removing rest of my clothing. Like the woman before us, Amanda wrapped a towel around herself before we left. I walked out completely nude, wearing the towel around my neck.

It was better lit in the interior. The first thing we saw was an enormous hot tub, which was nice and warm, but empty. A man and a woman sat off to one side, talking. She had a towel around her body and he wore one about his waist. She was casually giving him a handjob under the towel as we strolled past.

We went upstairs and there was a long corridor with small rooms on either side. There was a crowd outside one of the rooms; inside a woman was getting double penetrated while everyone watched. A man was behind her, taking her doggy style and exposing quite a bit of hairy p****, as she focused on a man in a chair in front of her, working her mouth all over his b**** and p****.

Amanda stared at the scene, rapt, her nipples erect. I reached under her towel and rubbed the inside of her thigh, from behind, allowing my thumb to stroke between her p**** lips. Within sixty seconds she started to get wet and I heard a small gasp escape her lips. I pulled her with me into the room next door which was empty and removed her towel, laying it on the mattress positioned next to the wall on the floor. My now fully erect c*** tucked nicely into her soft belly as I kissed mouth, face, and neck before laying her down on the bed and mounting her, pushing myself all the way up inside her as deep as I could before beginning to pump.

Out of nowhere I felt a towel go flopping across my back and legs, drawing my attention. I looked back and there was a smiling blonde woman who, once we made eye contact, playfully hit me with the towel again.

“You’re not supposed to come here and do your own girlfriend, silly. You can do that at home.” She laughed and slipped away.

I looked back down at Amanda, still inside her. I could feel her soft, plushy body underneath me, every glorious curve. I loved how she would entwine her legs around my legs when we were f******. I kissed her, hard, reveling in how nice it felt to wrap my arms around her and hold her as close as I could while our lips were locked together.

“Sometimes it’s too nice to not do your girlfriend,” I whispered into her ear. “You’re delicious.” I squirmed a little bit to get the last few millimeters of my c*** all the way inside of her.

“God, when you do that it feels like it’s going to come out my mouth,” she breathed.

I kissed her again and got up, reaching back down to help Amanda rise and hand her her towel, which she wrapped back around herself. We left the room and walked down the hallway towards the back stairs. In the last room on the right the Asian woman was in a s** chair, legs wide open and eyes closed, as her boyfriend licked and sucked her p****. She stirred as Amanda and I walked by and my eyes met hers for a moment. Sensing the movement her boyfriend redoubled his efforts and she again leaned back her head, her eyes reclosing as she relaxed into her lover’s attentions.

Look for pt2

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  • I would join the Illuminati to win $10million or say even $50million or more in a lottery or several lotteries and I would be happy to blood sacrifice my cousins and all the people who bullied me no worries in return for fame and fortune and great health and a long life. for sure.

  • Good story! Looking forward to reading Part Deux!

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