Busted back and forth

My step mom got busted then busted me, I was at home the other day and had a spare, this is the first year I have had spares and so it's kind of different for everyone, I was in the kitchen and heard the door open up and close, She came up the stairs and straight to the bedroom, I was going to say hi but she seemed to be in a bit of a rush and I figured she maybe had to go to the bathroom which is off their bedroom.
I took the snack I had made and sat on the couch, She came out of the bathroom and was still rushing around a bit, She closed the blinds and from the couch I can see into the room, She had obviously just come from the gym and had shorts and a sports top thingy on and her runners and short socks. I still didn't say anything and out of the corner of my eye I seen her bend over, Ok, Ok she is my step mom but who doesn't look when a girl bends over, She stood back up and grabbed her shorts, Whipped them and her thong down. She has a bit of a booty but wears thongs, that's no surprise I have known that forever.
What was a surprise was that her...P**** and buttcrack and hole were bald, She is a dark haired woman with a big head of curly dark hair and I just always assumed...She would be...Bushy. I stared as she peeled them down and then kicked them off, grabbed her top and whipped it over her head and had no bra on but her back to me, She walked around to her side of the bed and seen her open and close her night table drawer and seen her whip the blankets back, I couldn't believe how big her b**** are, I have noticed before that they are substantial but she almost always wear those sports tops around home and they keep everything squished but they are big. Saggy but big, Big dark nipples and they point at the floor but at 44 what do you expect, She is a few years younger than dad but not a lot but to be honest she looks pretty damned good for a...Not thicher girl but just whatever...A woman with a "Mom bod".
I couldn't believe she hadn't even noticed me there as she got onto the bed and laid down, I slid to the other end of the couch and from there I had a perfect spot, I could see her from the neck down and she couldn't see me. I had a hand towel I had brought with me to wipe my hands on and since I already had it there I figured "Why not", I quietly pulled my pants off, Why off I don't know but I did and had my hand towel on my leg. I sat back and watched her as she put a couple drops of lube on her d****, It's "Normal size" shaped like the real thing with b**** and everything and then she was laying flat and spread her legs, I didnt have a super good view but I could see she was rubbing it back and forth on her lips then tilted it down and shoved it in.
I was leaning back stroking as she reached for the tv remote, Fumbled around switching hands and got the tv on then she turned to a p*** movie, I was like "Whaaaaaatttt" and she started watching a p**** and dildoing herself, She had both hands down there and her b**** must have beenin the way hanging to the side and all wrinkled up like they were, She crossed her arms, Grabbed one nipple, Like the whole thing and pulled...Oh my god, Ner nipple stretched out like an elastic band and she pulled her whole b*** up by the nipple and tucked her arm in at her side then did the same on the other side and I almost came, At first I just figured it would be a regular p*** but a couple minutes in I hear a girl say "Sit on my face you dirty little b****" and then I was like "Whooooaaa wait a minute, She is watching l**** p***" which only made it hotter. I kept on watching her and she started to really get going, Moaning and making super hot noises, She lifted her left leg up in the air holding it with one hand and working her d**** with the other and that was when I could see her p**** good, I watched as she would shove it in and then watch her p**** lips stretch as she would pull it back out, Sadly she couldn't hold that position for long and put her leg down, She put one hand under her bum and I couldn't see but it was pretty obvious that she was either just playing with or fingering her butt hole.
She started to come and moaned out loud, I watched her as she spread her legs, Tensed up lifting her bum and then slammed it down on the bed, Pulled her d**** out and started rubbing her c*** with one hand and her butt with the other and then came hard, shaking and moaning and curling up her toes, I was jerking fast and she started to come down, She was stretching and moving a bit and then she spread her left leg out to the side and I could see her p**** good, She laid there slowly rubbing and stroking it and I was right there I had the hand towel in one hand, Staring over at her p**** and her t*** as she started pulling her nipples and wiggling them, Big, Stretchy nipples and she was wiggling them. I put my head back, Closed my eyes and got ready to come and just as I started I heard her scream the loudest scream and I looked over, She was standing right f****** there butt naked and freaking out, I missed the hand towel shot my load staring at her big t*** and her p**** and she was yelling "Oh my god, What are you doing, Oh my god" and ran back into the bedroom slamming the door.
I barely finished coming and she came storming back out in a housecoat, I was still stroking the last of it into the hand towel and she started yelling at me about spying on her and whatever and then said "You just came on the floor", She grabbed the hand towel out of my hands and went to wipe the floor, dropped it and held up her hand with my come all over it, She looked at her hand and I was till sitting there with my c*** out, She just stopped looked at my d*** and said "Put your f****** pants on and clean this up" and went to the bedroom. I did and when she came out she tossed me a thing of lysol wipes and said "That whole area" waving to the floor where I had blown my load.
After I was done I went to appologize and she just held her hand up, Said "did you record any of that?" and I honestly never thought of it but I said "No", She said "You swear?", I nodded and she said "This never happened, You will never speak of it after this and you will wipe it from your memory, If it is ever mentioned in any way shape or form I will...I'll...I don't know...Just never, This is the one and only chance, Do you have anything you want to say", I said "Sorry" and she just shook her head and then said "Ok" but when she went to get up I said "One more thing?" and she said "Ok". I said were you watching lesbian p***" and she said "Oh good f***, that is NONE of your business" and took a couple steps then came back and said "You know what...Sometimes some may just want to see something different...It doesn't mean ANYTHING, that's it...Done...This will never be mentioned" and stormed away.
It's pretty tense around here when it's just me and her and hopefully it will go away after time but now I fell bad for spying on her because I see that she is visibly embarrassed still.

Jan 14, 2020

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