Asian Message!

I finally got the b**** to go in to one of these Asian message places. I was a little buzzed after dinner out with some clients. One my way down the road I decided to stop and check out this Asian spa I have seen a few times passing by. Parking was in the back and there was just a door that looked like the back of a warehouse. When I opened the door there was a very small room and another door and a window. I could here a little chatter of Asian women but nobody came out. So I walked out, thought I heard someone say hello as I left. Was going to go in my car but decided to go back in,

When I returned an Asian woman came out quickly and was very friendly and quickly invited me in. She held my hand and walked me down the hallway to what she called a bedroom. There were several but all empty. The girl was fairly cute and probably early 30s? She asked if it was my first time, as I was obviously looking nervous. I said yes. She asked me if I wanted 40 minutes or an hour. I said 40 minutes. Didn't know if I was going to make it 40 seconds.

She took me in one of the bedrooms and told me to take off my clothes, pointed to a towel and robe hanging on the wall and said she would be right back. I stripped naked and put a towel on. When she came back she led me to the bed and asked me to lay face down. She ask soft, medium, hard. I said medium. She removed my towel and put a thin sheet over me. She started rubbing my back and applying pressure at different locations. Very Nice! Up and down my body down to a heel and foot massage. So I am starting to think this was it after 10 minutes or so of this. Then she gets up on my back and straddles me and continues the message.

As she pushes on my back I could feel her sort of humping my back. I thought I could feel her p**** mound pressing up against me through her spandex pants. After a while she got off and repeated the entire cycle. After the 2nd time as she is rubbing her p**** against my back suddenly she brings her face close to mine and breathes heavily and sexily into my ear. I suddenly realized it was game on! She gets up and pulls the sheet off me and puts a hot towel on my back for about 30 seconds. Then she gives me that look like come and get me.

I pull her on to the table with me and start massaging her belly and back and i push her head back and start to kiss her neck. No reistance. She appears to be all mine. I lift her shirt and continue to rub her naked belly and hand over bra. I then slip my hand under her bra and lift it up over her t***. She has nice sexy nipples they are delicously hard and i begin to suck one. I kiss her all over while rubbing my ands down her ass and between her legs. She lets me slide my hands down her pants in the back but gives a slight resistance towards the front so I let it go. I just enjoy the h*** out of her body for a while and then she pushes me on my back and grabs my hard c*** and starts stroking it. Next thing you know I feel wet warm moisture and she is sucking me off. After a few wonderful minutes I told her i was going to c** and she shook her head yes and moaned. I shot my load all over my belly and her hands. She continued to stroke me until she knew i was empty.

After, she went and got a moist warm towel and cleaned me up completely. We hugged a bit and I got dressed. I was in a daze. She asked me for more money. I gave it to her gladly and left. Spent $100 all in and would do it again every night if I could.

Apr 4, 2019

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  • It was a dude.

  • I went to a place like this on a business trip, only I didn't know that's what it was. The guy asked me if I wanted a guy or woman to give me my message. I said guy. Then he asked me if I wanted a massage or the full package. Not knowing the difference I said full package. I was taken to a room and told to strip and cover with the blanket. The guy returned and started the message, starting with my neck and face, then my back, and finally my legs. When he was messaging my inner legs I remembered thinking he was getting awfully close to my v*****. Then it happened, he rubbed his fingers across my c***. It felt so good I didn't object. He then rolled me over and proceeded to push a couple fingers inside me. The way he moved his hand and fingers was like nothing I have ever felt in my life. He mad me have a female e********** for the first time in my life. It shot out of me like I was peeing. It was the craziest thing I ever experienced. I never told my husband.

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