I discovered my parents' secret stash

I had to borrow a set of luggage from my parents, and stopped by to get it out of their closet when they weren't home. I'm clumsy and knocked over a stack of boxes. At the top of the stack was a shoebox, and the lid fell off with it hit the ground. A d**** bounced out. I didn't examine the rest of the contents too much, but I saw a couple other vibrators, a butt plug, an unmarked VHS tape, and an envelope. I was startled and a little grossed out, so I quickly grabbed the luggage and put everything else back. I couldn't stop thinking about it. I was equally horrified and morbidly curious what else was in the box. I had a strong suspicion the envelope contained pictures, and the VHS tape could only be one thing. I thought about when I was growing up and could hear them having s**. I think they tried to be discreet, but my mom was a moaner. Not something an adolescent boy wants to know about his mother. I would laugh when my dad would shush her. I was ashamed that I would often get aroused listening, but that didn't stop me from masturbating. I always knew they were very sexual, so this shouldn't have been much of a surprise. When I returned the luggage, again when they weren't home, I just had to look. I took a deep breath and opened the box. I went right for the envelope, which was all polaroids. The first few were from 20-30 years ago. Mostly just my mom naked on the bed, with her bad perm, perky t***, and hairy bush. Then there a few from within the last 10 years. I was surprised they still even had a polaroid camera. That got me wondering if they also still had a VHS player. There was one in their bedroom, and I popped in the tape. It started right at the point of my mom getting a load of c** on her face. At first I looked away, but I had to know what else was on there. The tape was full. I watched some, but fast forwarded through most of it. As I got more used to what I was seeing, I realized I was fully erect. I started jerking off, and finished at another shot of my mom getting a facial. It occurred to me that all of these scenes were from more than 10 years ago, and that my dad has had a digital camcorder for a long time. If they had recent polaroids, they must have other recent pictures and videos on their computer. Sure enough, they did. My dad is not at all tech savvy, so there was little attempt to hide them. They have been just as active in the last 10 years. I have thumb drive on my keychain, so I copied all of it onto there. This was a few weeks ago, and I have looked at it every day. Seeing my mom take it up the ass repeatedly might have messed me up psychologically, but the argument can be made that the damage was already done, if I was jerking off to it repeatedly. I can't believe what freaks they have been all my life, but I suppose it explains why I am.

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  • Thats fking awesome

  • I think every boy should see his mother naked, and it should be his first sexual fantasy. I was lucky enough to see my mom in all her glory many times during my adolescence. I wish I had pictures.

  • I'm jealous. I looked all over hoping my parents had dirty pictures but never found anything. I remember seeing my mom naked a lot when I was a kid. She allowed it a little past the age where I was aware that seeing naked woman was enjoyable, but not yet old enough to fully appreciate it. The first time I ever e********* was when she was in shower. I didn't see anything, but I thought back to when I used to see her naked and wished I could go back to that time. Before I knew it, I had a handful of a sticky white substance. I managed to sneak a peak at my mom a few more times over the years. I later heard that a kid at school had found pictures of his parents, so I hoped I could be that lucky. I wasn't. But my mom definitely set the standard for the kind of woman I would want to have s** with later in life.

  • I found pictures of my parents in almost the exact same way. I was 16 and had to borrow a pair of shoes from my dad. I couldn't find the shoes, but I had noticed the box they originally came in in his closet. The box was too light to have shoes, but I took a peek inside out of curiosity. S** toys and polaroids. I just about puked. I couldn't look them in the eye for about week. Still, every night when I looked at p***, I couldn't help but imagine them doing similar things. I ended up looking at the pictures again the next time I was home alone. And about a hundred more times before I went away to college. In the pictures my mom had long dark hair, big t***, a big ass, and hairy p****, just like the woman I married. I managed to scan the pictures later on and recreated some of them with my wife. I even made a collage of side by side photos that I m********* to every week.

  • U need to find out is mama shaved trimmed r hairy

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