Couldn't stop myself!

I am 18, in my last year at school. Everybody went home early for a half day so my boyfriend Will suggested we go an "had some fun" in the chemistry labs. I was well up for it and practically dragged him there myself.
Once there he sat on one of the desks and i knelt in front of him to undo his trousers.
Anyway so there I am going down on his d*** when his friend Danny walked in! I looked up shocked and tried to hide but Will smiled and told me he'd invited Danny to join us. Will stands up behind me and cups my b**** and tells Danny to come over and give it a try. He didn't need telling twice! He was over in a flash and massaging and grabbing my t***! Will was kissing my neck and had a hand down my knickers rubbing my c*** which was making me so wet. I was reluctant at first but Danny was hot and i really liked Will so I let it happen.
In no time at all I was on my knees again with Will and Danny stood over me slapping their d**** against my face as i sucked the other off. Thats when Will told me to stand up and bend over the teachers desk, which i did shyly. But then I was seriously h**** by what was happening, I felt so naughty and it was turning me on so much!
Will lifted my skirt and pulled my knickers down to my knees and pushed his d*** into me, meanwhile Danny had walked around to put his back in my mouth.
Will started plowing me and pulled my hair back sharply, which he knows makes me c** really fast. I wanted to scream but couldnt because Danny grabbed the back of my head and pulled me all the way down until his b**** were in my mouth! It kinda hurt but i was loving it all, feeling so nasty and doing what they told me...
But thats when i noticed... at the door to the lab, which was open, there were four boys from the year below us, standing there, open mouthed, some filming on their phones!!! I was horrified, Danny was one thing, but this I couldn't do. I quickly pushed Danny away and reached down to pull my knickers back up and hide behind Will.
But he just laughed and said they'd seen it now, no use hiding it. Even so I screamed at them to get out, which they didn't, as my b**** were still hanging out and they were taking pictures!
Will moved around behind me again and said to the room, "no use hiding it now, this could be fun" and with that he started massaging my nipples and Danny came over and stuffed a hand down my knickers and put two fingers inside me.
I was so conflicted, I was having the best s** I'd ever had and I really didn't want it to stop. So very reluctantly I let Will and Danny grope me in front of our audience... It was actually kinda hot and I could feel an o***** building. A couple of seconds later i came with mindblowing force and squirted everywhere on the floor in front of me. When I opened my eyes all six boys were grinning at me and I noticed one or two of them had their d**** out and were jerking off.
F*** it, i thought... and hoisted myself up onto the desk and lay back, dragging Will over, who entered me straight away and Danny waddled over, trousers round his ankles, for me to suck him off.
Will wouldn't let the younger boys have s** with me, which I appreciated, but after a while he let Danny have a go, who spun me round and held my hands behind my back as he f***** me from behind.
By this time our crowd were all furiously wanking and Will gestured for them to come over, which they all did, and let them take turns with me jerking them off or sucking them off.
I felt like such a s***... but it was amazing, i didn't care, it was making me come over and over. A few minutes later danny anounced he was going to c** and dragged me off the desk and onto the floor. As I sat up he grabbed my head and told me to suck him off. As i did so, he came loudly in my mouth. there was so much, and it tasted really nice! normally Will's tastes horrible to i spit, but i greedily swallowed it all! Thats when everyone announced they were close to c****** and i spent the next 10 minutes wanking and sucking everyone off until they came on my face or my b**** or in my mouth. there was c** everywhere!!! all over my clothes, my face, my hair, all i could taste was gloopy salty c**.
Then Will stepped forwards and lifted me up, and holding me upright he pushed his c*** into me so deep that i started to c** immediately, which made him c** deep inside me. As he grunted and rammed himself even deeper, i closed my eyes and screamed. When i opened them one of the boys was standing in front me, taking a picture on his phone, with all the other boys and Danny posing in the background.

Will made all the boys delete every photo and film they'd taken... but this last one of us all, and me, drench in c**, screaming in pleasure as Will came inside me... went viral...

It was so much fun and I often fantasize about it... but Im ashamed and utterly destroyed socially by that photo.

F*** my Life

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  • You guys commenting are f****** swine !!! Have empathy for once and stop thinking with your other head!!!

  • Send us a link, please...

  • What the heck it seems you had a aventure

  • Man I wish that this kinda s*** happens in my school but only 8 th grader :(


  • Im going to need a 9x10 glossy of this alleged photo...for...uhm science...yea ;)

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