Surprised my self

I'm a 50yr old woman, I was at my boyfriends house and we had an argument and I left
I was driving home. I stopped at a secluded lay-by to have a smoke and can of beer, I was only wearing a pair of jogging pants and a t-shirt.
I sat in the car with the window open, suddenly there was a bloke at the window, wanking a big c***, he thrust it in the window, I just began wanking it, he c**, spunking all over my big t***. He said thanks and walked away. I couldn't believe I had done it, I got out of the car and went to the boot to get a clean top, as it was dark I removed my top to put the clean one on, my bare t*** felt good in the cool air.
Someone came up behind me and cupped my t*** in there hands and mauled them, I felt a had c*** against my a***, he pulled my joggers down, bent me over and f***** me hard until he spunked deep into my c***, then walked off, without saying a word.
I put the clean top on, pulled the pants up and drove home. I loved it but feel like a w****

Apr 10, 2015

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  • I'd f*** my thick black c*** yo your c*** and shoot so much s**** up your c***

  • Hairy p***** are so hot, I would love to have pulled your knickers down and shagged you hard

  • So you don't want to f*** me then?

  • My hairy c*** is sore but need more, can you help?

  • I have turned into a c*** monster, I love it, no stupid boyfriend to get in the way, just s** wish I had done this before. Whet you from in up for you f****** me

  • That sounds sexy,I have a lot of ginger pubic hair and large t***. This was my 1st experience of random s**, sucking one off and then being f*****, by two men who never spoke, I didn't even see their faces, made me so h****.
    I went back last night and sucked two c****, then had three up my c***, I love it.

  • H**** story. got h****** immediately. i love big t*** n wil b happy to suck them

  • When and where, how do you want to f*** me

  • Are you a prostitute?

  • No I'm not cheeky b******

  • How big are your t***?

  • 38dd and my p**** is hairy. I intend to return to this lay-by as I enjoyed the experience of just being taken, by complete strangers. When I got home, ny knickers and pubic hair were covered in s**** and I fingered my self.

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