My girlfriend has other boyfriends

Me and my girlfriend Hannah haven't had s** in over a year. It started with her f****** her big d**** while I watched. The thing is about 8 inches long, so a few inches longer than me and really hits the right spot for her. I just can't do the same for her. We then started experimenting with other guys.

She has a couple of guys she f**** every week, I always watch. Sometimes they do doggy right in front of me and Hannah will gently stroke my d*** or suck me off so I usually c** with them. Sometimes she doesn't let me c** till after. A few times she brings multiple guys home. Sometimes they f*** her at the same time, sometimes they take turns and watch.

One time, she told one of them to help me and before I know it, one guy started wanking me off! I was handcuffed so couldn't stop him and I came while he stroked my d*** and Hannah got f*****. That was a bit odd. Now it happens quite a lot and Hannah loves to tease me about. One guy has started sucking me off and I can't help but c**, Hannah calls me a f***** and laughs as he then f**** her afterwards while I sit there with a satisfied limp semi.

I'm not gay but I can't help c****** super quick with these guys. Hannah loves it. She teases me loads. She wants me to join in with the sucking and wanking them off but I've told her no. She has promised me s** with again if I do it - what should I do????

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  • Awe honey it’s ok to join in. If your watching other men f****** your girlfriend and they are getting you off and they all like teasing you about it and yet you still come back. Accept what you are, borrow a pair of her panties and start sucking their c**** and if you’re lucky someone will f*** your b**** ass so you stop whining you haven’t had s** in a year.

  • Oh wow. Do you speak from experience? Maybe I should try the panties. Well Hannah and I had s** after I sucked a guy but it was over within minutes. We haven't had s** since. Tonight I was in a room with the guys, Hannah was dressed up, all us guys were naked. I sucked all their d**** for 10 seconds and picked my favourite to finish off. My d*** was so hard, hannah stroked me off as I had a mouth full of c**, and then I spat it into her mouth and she spat it down her t*** for me to lick up again. She did grab my ass, spread my cheeks and showed my a****** to the boys saying one day. So she wants me take it from them!

  • You should be licking their d**** while they f*** her. And sucking on their b**** while they do her. Then suck their c** out her after they finish and clean them off of course. That is what you really want and what you should face about yourself. Don't miss the chance to find true happiness just because you are afraid to admit the truth.

  • I sucked a c***. Not just any c***, but the biggest c*** there that night. I was on my knees, hands tied behind my back so I could only use my mouth. At one point he held my head and f***** my mouth just like how he has f***** Hannah's mouth before. I choked. Then eventually he came, I heaved but ended up swallowing most of his c**. I had a semi at this point, so Hannah got me hard, pushed me onto my back, still handcuffed, and started riding me with c** dribbling down my chin. Within 2 minutes I had shot my load. It was heaven. She then crawled up and made me eat her cummy p**** out. 3 lots of fun that night. Another guy sucked me my disk till it was clean. F***** up night!

  • What's the problem. You know that you want and like being a cuckold don't you. Yes you do. Admit it now. You cuckold you.

  • I do like being a cuckold. I love being my girlfriend's b**** boy. I wanted one off them off tonight and he and Hannah sucked me off. I came so damn quick. She says if I suck, she'll f*** me any way I like.

  • She already has you right where she wants you, just give in. There's no use resisting and if your good she will give you a treat.

  • I have. I sucked a c***. I wanted a c***. I had my c*** wanked and sucked. Now she wants me to have s** with them.

  • Ok honey it’s been what you’ve been secretly wanting all along. If you’re man enough to f*** the other men good for you have a feeling you really wish you were getting f***** like your girlfriend. Are you a pretty boy? Maybe the panties comment before is just the start for you. It’s really ok to be a pretty sissy f***** b****.

  • Oh wow. Have I been wanting this all along? I am fairly good looking guy, have been called pretty before, panties? Wow. Ok. So you think I should dress up in sone panties and let them f*** me? Wow, reading pretty sissy f***** b**** made my d*** twitch...

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