I needed to get this out

It's obvious that we hardly know much about each other despite how much it may feel like it, and how good we are to each other. It's obvious that flirting and teasing and being affectionate doesn't automatically mean that it's gotten to a really serious point. It's obvious that this would sound creepy and anyone reading must already think I am screwed up, but oh my god not only do I want to be your boyfriend but also for you to have me submit to you. You're smart, you're funny, you're better than me at so many things, and I don't care that it works on a trust system, you're cute as h***. It's not like I wouldn't want my own time, but I want to be made to do your will, and I wanna be as good as I possibly could and be loved for it. And get rewarded with it in so many different and possibly "fun" ways. We ain't ready for kids but I wanna f****** give you my seed as deep as I could go. I want to be that close and that loved. Maybe I could take the lead from time to time even, but I want your love and your trust and your command.

I do hope this does not get too much attention I just needed somewhere to let this out

Aug 5, 2014

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